5 Ways To Buy Your Dream Piece Of Jewelry If You’re Low In Cash

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5 Ways To Buy Your Dream Piece Of Jewelry If You’re Low In Cash 

Most people have that piece of jewelry they’ve been dreaming of, with hopes of getting it one day. But,a dream piece isn’ta typical piece of fashion jewelrythat you can just make an impromptu purchase of, especially when you’re low on cash.

It’ll cost you a considerable amount, putting a dent into your pocket.However, you can finally afford to get yourself a piece while on a budget using the following tips:


  1. Look Into The Metals

Find a reputable store with an excellent reputation, and study all the metals used in fine jewelry before making that purchase.

The precious metals usually used aregold, silver, platinum, and palladium, which are high in value,makingany authentic piece of jewelry a prized possession.And, a fine piece made with precious metals can be resold once you outgrow it; you can do so with the help of these 10 tips to sell your jewelry.

Knowing your metals will be vital to settling for fine jewelrythat’ll help you save in the long run. Decide on whether you want solid jewelry made of pure gold or a plated one that may include gold.


  1. Research

Technology has placed the best jewelersat the convenienceof everyone by having online platforms that let you shop in the comfort of your own home. It’snot news that shopping online for jewelry can be very risky, with plenty of bogus sellers waiting to sell knock-offs to unsuspecting buyers.

That said,you’ll need to do thorough research on the stores you’re considering.Take time to read the warranties they offer and online reviews about them, as other buyers will accurately describe what to expect.

Go through the store’s return policy before committing to a piece, just to know what to expect. While some stores may offer 60-, 30-, or seven-dayfull refund, some won’thave any offer.And, for a refund to be viable, most stores expect your order not to be at par with what you wanted. For instance, getting amisrepresented itemor a wrong metal choice is grounds for a refund.

If the fault was committed by the store, they may refund your money to cover the original purchase and delivery costs. However, some policies will require the buyer to meet the costs of sending the product back to the seller, also known as a restocking fee.


  1. Consider Alternatives

Jewelry made of precious stones, such as diamonds,has a way of pulling on someone’s heartstrings. However, they don’t come cheap. But, finding an alternative can ensure that you get your dream piece of jewelry.

For instance, if you love diamonds, getting alab-growninstead of a mined one will help you save a ton of money. With lab-grown diamonds, you shouldn’t be worried about the quality as they’re chemically, physically, and visually indistinguishable from a mined one.


  1. Know The Right Time

Prices ofhigh-end pieces vary depending on the demand. As a result, you can get incredible savings when you know the right time to buy. For instance, gold and silver jewelry prices are usuallylower than usual after the holidays.


Another great month for getting your dreamjewelrypiece is in March, and during this period, owners offer low prices on gold and silver jewelry, thanks to the shopping peak. The month of June has great offers as the market prices dip around the globe. Price dips make jewelers want to sell, and it’s at this time that you get a chance to negotiate a better price.


  1. Go To Family-Owned Stores

You may get tempted to shop atrenownedstores. But, know that such stores offer quality pieces at very high prices due to their popularity.

However, when you opt to shop in a family-owned store, you’ll most likely be able to save on your dream piece without compromising quality. Such shops offer fabulousjewelry piecesat affordable prices. In addition, you’ll get honest advice from employees, making your purchase less pressured.


Bottom Line

You can use these ways to help you get your dream jewelry piece even when you’re low on funds. Of course, you’llalso need a vast understanding of your metals so you could pick the right and best one.

As you consider buying online, do your research to ensure you’re getting value for your money.  Also, finding a cheaper alternative that’s the exact make and feel of your dream jewelry piece willbring you closer to your goal.

With chances of prices dropping during certain months of the year being high, knowing the right time to buy will leave you with quality jewelry at a low price. Go to family-owned stores for your purchase as they have better deals and prices when it comes to fine jewelry.



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