6 Easy DIY Gifts People Will Actually Want

Many people experience gift anxiety at any time of year, but it can get particularly bad around the holidays. Not everyone is a natural gift-giver and finding the perfect presents for your friends and family could be a significant source of stress. If you want to save some cash and make your own gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other events, here are some ideas for easy DIY gifts that people will actually want. 

  1. Body Scrubs and Bath Bombs

If your friends need an excuse to relax this year, a bath bomb or some body scrub could be a great gift. They’re also incredibly easy to make in your own home. You likely already have several ingredients! There are plenty of recipes available for free online, and you can mix and match to find colors, scents, and soothing ingredients that match the personalities of the recipients. Plus, you can pop some CBD gummies, enjoy the aromatherapy, and knock these gifts out in an afternoon.

  1. Baked Goods and Mixes

Food tends to be a big hit if you don’t know what to get someone. Make sure you triple-check for any food allergies before going this route, since gifting peanut brittle to someone with a peanut allergy can be pretty embarrassing, not to mention dangerous. You don’t need to go all out, either. Just about everyone will enjoy some homemade cookies or candies. You can also prepare mixes for baked goods, hot chocolate, dips, and more. Put them into little jars or other containers, attach some instructions and a bow, and you’re done! Your friends will have perfectly-portioned snacks that they can quickly whip up whenever they’d like. 

  1. Jams, Sauces, and Alcohol

If you harvest honey or make jams from the fruits in your backyard, you’ve got an easy gift on your hands! The same is true if you make your own wine or caramel sauces, for example. There tends to be an abundance of food during special events, so little extras that can make it better and don’t spoil easily will be a welcome sight. 

  1. Ornaments

If you’re out of ideas for the holiday season, ornaments are a classic. You can buy clear or plastic ornaments for extremely cheap and decorate them however you’d like. You can also fill them instead. Swirl some acrylic paint inside for a pretty pattern. Add name decals or special dates. Maybe you want to fill them with things that remind you of the recipient. The possibilities are endless! 


If your friends are readers, chances are they’ll never have enough bookmarks. Many a reader is guilty of using whatever they can get their hands on as bookmarks, so you can save them from having to use receipts and scraps of paper. Like ornaments, there are many ways you can make bookmarks. You can use ribbon and charms, you can crochet them out of yarn, or you can use beautiful thick cardstock printed with their favorite quotes. 

  1. Candles and Soap

Did you know that you can make your own artisanal candles and soaps that rival the products in fancy boutiques, and it’s not even that difficult? Candle and soap bases can be purchased online or from craft stores. You just need to melt them down and add the appropriate scents and colors. Make sure you’ve got a mold or safe container, and a wick if you’re making candles. Follow the instructions for melting the materials down, mix your personal touches in, and pour! You can end up with a gift that looks beautiful and smells incredible when in use. 

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, but there are plenty of excellent DIY ideas out there. When you choose gift ideas that are also fun to make, you don’t need to worry any time a birthday or holiday approaches. You may even discover a new hobby you want to pursue all year!

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