What are the essential skill-set for administration jobs?

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What are the essential skill-set for administration jobs?


Before you start your search for an administrative job, it is crucial to understand what it is. Administrators play an important role in the effective and efficient day-to-day operations of an organization. They are the go-to-person for nitty-gritty details about anything and everything related to the business work. People in ¬†Administration jobs are responsible for carrying out various administrative functions that include communications, scheduling, data entry, secretarial services, bookkeeping and much more. However, an administrator’s job varies greatly depending on the size of the organization, the industry it is associated with, level of education, but overall, a key attribute of a successful administrator is the ability to do multiple tasks.


Moreover, the best thing is that if you want to kick-start your career in administration, you will get plenty of opportunities. From basic entry-level positions to high-level project management, you can go for any based on your experience and qualifications. Or, even if you have no experience, the first step towards a great career in administration is not going to be tough.

Here’s a guide to how to secure a job in admin with less or no experience. Read on!


Key skills recruiters look for in a candidate.

The first step in securing a job in administration is to understand what skills recruiters/ employers look for and then relate those to your own. Continue reading and find out!


Good communication skills

You will be a vital cog in the wheel of the daily operations of your organization. Plus, as a part of the administration, you will be responsible for a lot of communications carried in and out of the office. You can even be the first point of contact for the potential customers/ general public. This means you need to be proficient in the languages you know and have proven written and verbal communication skills.

Strong management skills

Administrators of any organization are required to manage multiple tasks effectively. Filing and sorting are general organizational tasks that you will be taking care of before it becomes an issue for the employees. On top of it, you will be expected to carry out a few more tasks that may interrupt your everyday workflow. This means you need to show the employer that you can manage events and organize things without missing any element.

Self-motivated and reliable

Being in an administrative job means that you should be reliable and trustworthy. Your colleagues will be expecting you to show up anytime, anywhere when you are needed in the office. The recruiters will start to test this characteristic in you from the time of the interview only. So you can prove your reliability by showing up on time for the interview, responding quickly to the communications received from the employer and so on.

Be a completer

Remember, when you are taking up a job in administration, you are not expected to say that you will get the job done by tomorrow. Strange! But it’s true! Managers appreciate the employees who can think on their feet, so you must feel the urgency to get the tasks done without any delay.


The next step to get into the Administration jobs is to fill the gaps (if any) in your skill-set.

For this, you can take up a computer course as you will be required to have a significant typing speed and proficient knowledge of standard software like word and excel. Plus, you may or may not be required to be familiar with bookkeeping apart from general administrative duties, so make sure you have these necessary skill-sets. Once you possess all these key skills, you can apply online for the positions or approach a leading recruitment agency to expedite your application.


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