Are Motorcycles Dangerous? What you Need to Know

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Are Motorcycles Dangerous? What you Need to Know

People who have never owned a motorcycle usually believe bikes are dangerous. And ridersoften think motorcycles are dangerous for other people, but not for them.Like most things in life,truth is a matter of perspective. Riders feel very safe on their bikes because they are in control. They can ride at the level of risk they think is acceptable. So, who is to say if motorcycles are dangerous?Statistics show us that they are much more dangerous than cars. But less dangerous than skateboards unless you look at the severity of injuries. What are the factors to consider when making this decision?

  • Insurance:Despite the lower costs of replacing a motorcycle, insurance rates for bikes are high relative to cars because the insurance companies see them as more likely to be involved in a crash. Even a perfect driver can still suffer from the mistakes of others. For this reason, it is essential to have comprehensive Motorcycle insurance and appropriate safety gear, especially a helmet.
  • Power Makes a Difference: It cannot be said that bigger bikes have more accidents. Still, the research shows that the size of the engine and the power to weight ratio are significant factors in the severity of injuries received in motorcycle accidents. Simply put, the faster you go, the harder you hit. There is also the psychological factor. People who want to go fast and are addicted to thrills (risk) buy bigger and more powerful bikes. In some ways, the danger is a selling point. But if you are careful, Riding big bikes can instead be a very fulfilling experience. Professionals know how to get the most from their bikes without taking unnecessary risks and endangering others.
  • Location Makes a Difference: Where you ride a bike makes a big difference. Larger vehicles are what motorcycles collide into the most. The risk of riding goes up with the density of vehicles around you, and it gets worse when the drivers in the area are less disciplined. So, driving in downtown Bangkok is much more dangerous than cruising the TransCanada Highway in the prairies.
  • Attitude Makes a Difference: Probably the mostcritical factor related to a motorcycle’s relative safety is the driver. Skill level is one thing, but attitude is the most important. Riders who take safety seriously are at a much lower risk than those that don’t. Full protective gear, observing the law, and driving defensively reduces the risk of an injury accident.Unskilled drivers are a risk to themselves, most only for a while. But some riders be come overconfident as their skills develop, increasing their risky behaviours.

Danger is a very relative thing; the whole world is unsafe. A meteorite could be on its way to your house right now. It is impossible to eliminate all risk and loving in fear is not living at all. Motorcycles are wonderful. They are efficient and give you a great view. Most of the danger involves the choices of the driver. Careful driving and driving in safe areas, will make a big difference to the amount of risk involved. If you want to experience power, it is best practiced at the track.

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