The Second Biggest Ethereum Sports Betting Option

The betting community has encountered the novelty of cryptocurrency integration. Bettors are privileged to make valuable bets in completely another way. It is estimated as a better payment method than a fiat currency. The US and other countries where this virtual money is gaining momentum are applying it even in business. Bitcoin has been the first pioneer to launch the digital mechanism of transformation.

Many crypto sports betting sites recently added to the list of payment options, such as Ethereum and Litecoin. And this is not the complete list but the most preferable and proven. Some sports fans also resort to undertake Eth sports betting rather than BTC. They both represent a blockchain-based technology, but Ethereum uses its own cryptocurrency called Ether (Eth). The opportunities and benefits are the same:

  • anonymity;
  • fast deposits and withdrawals;
  • exclusive bonuses and VIP programs;
  • higher limits for payouts;
  • no intermediary in between;
  • transaction safety!

Ethereum sports betting discovers a lot for seasoned punters who prepare their strategic performance in advance. They can leverage two types of crypto sports betting platforms available on the market: exclusively crypto sportsbooks and hybrid type.

The former is a new product in the gambling market that welcomes only crypto-savvy bettors. The latter are existing betting sites that optimized their payment function and revealed a capability to fund up with Eth. Besides, there is a difference in charging fees for utilizing this cryptocurrency. For example, if to choose the hybrid sportsbook, the bettor can be charged a low fee for funding from the crypto wallet to the sportsbook.

This fact can explain the low betting odds. Instead, the majority of crypto-only sites take off 0 fees, and due to it, such betting platforms provide higher and more valuable odds to benefit.

In addition, the former accepts no fiat currency, and the value can change due to the Eth volatility in the market. In comparison, the latter converts Eth into USD, Euro, or GBP on a fixed value. Moreover, sports bettors experience another cryptocurrency Litecoin and sound much equal to Bitcoin. Is it so? Let’s check it out.

Does USA Litecoin Betting differ from Bitcoin

It is common to find Litecoin in many trusted sports betting sites but in all. Is it the same as Bitcoin? Yes, it is practically the same. Litecoin is the same BTC developed with the same technology and adjusted a bit. But there is a sustainable difference in its technical performance: cheaper and faster.

But one of the USA Litecoin betting downsides is its less popularity among betting platforms. And the bettor should also consider the changeable nature of this crypto coin when funding a crypto-only site account. It has gained less recognition than Ethereum. Therefore, it is difficult to find it on any sports betting platform.

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