Boost Your Work from Home Productivity with These Simple Décor Tricks

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Work from home is the new normal now, and this trend is here to stay for some more time. While work from home has many perks, like reduced travel time, quality time with family, it can also make you feel sluggish at times. Wrong body posture, lack of right furniture can give you aches and pains.

Believe it or not, your home décor has a huge impact on your overall efficiency when you work from home. A little adjustment in your décor can boost your overall work productivity and make you feel enthusiastic about the whole setup.


1. Designate a Separate Room: It’s important to setup your work from a room that no one uses, this way you can avoid being disturbed repeatedly.  If you don’t have the luxury to allocate a separate room, then change the layout of your bed furniture to cordonoff a certain area to work peacefully. Stick to your work hours just the way you would have done while at the office, and don’t forget to get up and stretch your limbs.


2. Invest in Work Desk and Chair: If you are still working with your laptop on the tea table, it’s high time you invest in a workstation desk and a comfortable, adjustable chair that supports your back. When you aren’t comfortable while working, it automatically leaves you in a bad mood. Besides, a work table can help you keep your laptop, files and related stationery organized.


3. Have Enough Light in the Room: The lighting of the room plays an important role in making you feel inspired while at home. So next time before you start your work schedule from home, pull back those curtains and let the sunlight flow inside your room. If you don’t have that option, then make sure the room that you work in has sufficient led lights. You should also get a desk lamp as an additional light source, for the days when you are working late at night.


4. Invigorating Scents: Nothing can make you feel more refreshed than a room that smells good. Place scented candles or a diffuser in the corner, and see the magic it has on your mood while you work. Research has shown that peppermint fragrance cheers you up, while cinnamon helps you improve focus and lavender is well known to relax you on a, particularly stressful day.


5. Stick Some Motivational Quotes: For the times when you feel uninspired working from home, which is common because the mundane routine gets to you, motivational quotes can have some serious impact on your output. Browse through various framed quotes online, they are available in different sizes and typography stylesand you are sure to find something that suits your interior décor.


6. Say No to Clutter: Clutter around you reduces your focus and productivity. Make sure your desk, laptop, and chair are dusted every day, and let the room from which you plan to work is also well organized.

The good thing about the above hackssi that these can be applied very conveniently without having to make any major changes to create a healthier, happier, and highly efficient workplace.

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