Creative ideas to make a great home tour video

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Home tour videos are gaining popularity. Search for home tour videos on Google or YouTube, and you are likely to get hundreds and thousands of results. There’s a lot of content, from celebrity home tours to influencers giving you a glimpse into their interiors.

Realtors have also joined the bandwagon. During the pandemic, most realtors switched to virtual tours and online meetups with potential customers. They have decided to continue with the same even now.

Virtual home tours help them connect with several interested buyers at once, thus giving them time to connect, network, and negotiate.

Whether you are making a home improvement video or want to show off the latest appliances you have set up, you need to keep up with the resolution and quality demands. You will have a higher bounce rate and minimal visibility with a bad-quality video.

It is not just the resolution that makes your videos appear good; you should work on your content and style. Creativity can pique the viewer’s interest and can help you maximize visibility.

How to Make Your Home Tour Videos Interesting?

When you make a video, your goal is to increase engagement and get people to view it. For realtors, the goal is also to convert the target audience by getting them to purchase the property.

Here we will take you through some tips that can help you come out with creative videos.

Remove the Clutter

Even if you show a dining table in your video, it must be clutter-free. A clean surrounding makes the footage look more creative and engaging.

By clutter, we don’t just mean the things that are lying around. We refer to the things that could cause chaos in the viewer’s mind.

For example, taking the kitchen shot and showing too many things on a single screen can overwhelm your viewers. If there is too much on the island, it can distract them from the main point. Your shot is about the island, so make it the focus. Remove the clutter that can cause distraction and eventually lead to attrition.

When you are showing the insides of your cupboard in your home improvement video, make sure the things are neatly arranged. People may not like viewing a cluttered closet in the video. Decluttering can help you indulge in creativity.

Use a Tripod

Shaky hands can cause shaky videos. You may not want people to view blurred and low-quality videos that send them off the page.

The solution is to carry a tripod and fix your camera on it. You won’t have to worry about bumped or blurred footage when you use it. The tripod will keep the camera steady and improve the quality of the videos. You can pan your shots smoothly. It will also help improve the composition of the videos.

Overall, having a tripod is advantageous in giving your video a good quality outcome.

Create a Sequence

Storyboarding your shoot is important to get the best traction. Instead of producing random shots and then putting them in sequence, you can create a specific series of these shots.

Creating a sequence will help you with order. You will also have it easier and won’t worry about how to edit the video since the sequences will be ready. You can just edit the raw footage and create a desirable video.

Use Natural Light

Lighting is one of the essential elements of your video. When you are shooting for your videos, lap up the natural light available in the surrounding.

For example, if the bedroom is bright at noon, you should plan your shoot accordingly for this part. If the natural lighting is poor in the room, you should opt for artificial lighting.

However, the lighting shouldn’t be too bright. It should fall in the perfect way to make the room appear brighter. It would help if you thought through the lighting arrangement before you began shooting.

Identify the Best Angle

When you are shooting a video, getting the angle right is one of the crucial factors.

When you shoot from a particular angle, you will notice more light in your video that can ruin the script. In some cases, dark shadows or light can also destroy what you have created.

You should try and evaluate the room before you go ahead and begin your shoot. Find the best angles from which you can give a complete view of the bedroom. Lastly, the focus should be on essential things from this angle. If you can get this right, your videos will be more engaging.

Make the Spaces Look Appealing

When you are making a video of the kitchen, it should make them want to enter the place and start cooking. The bedroom should appear comfortable and inviting.

The idea is to make the viewer fall in love with what you have shot. They should feel comfortable and wish to own these spaces and convert. It would help if you thought through how your home improvement video can give a sales-worthy feel.

When shooting a particular location, you should highlight the essential elements. For example, the living room couch would be necessary to the viewers. If you have a false ceiling, you can also include that element in your video.

Begin with Test Shots

It is suggested that you carry test shots for the video before beginning the actual shoot. When you create these test shots, you will know the best angle and lighting for the particular place.

The test shots will also let you know if the sequence of images works for you or not. For instance, if a paper napkin box is distracting, you will know it in the test shot. It will ensure that you don’t need to add it to the main video.

Focus on the Outdoors

When shooting a home improvement video, you could also showcase how you have created the outdoor spaces.

You must place equal importance on the outdoors. The patio and the benches that make your outdoor enjoyable should be part of the video.


A realtor needs to give a complete tour of the house. It is imperative to invest in the right camera and tools to create appealing videos and easily edit them.

Creativity lies in the way you click the shots and work on developing the story for the home improvement video. You should identify the best spaces of the house that you believe will gain some traction. You could make it more interesting by mentioning essential home appliances and recommending them to your viewers. Such reviews will be well-received.


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