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Best Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur in 2021


UEI Global Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur is the first of its kind in India. It was established in 2007 and has since become one of the most important centers of learning for hospitality management in India. Besides imparting technical competence in management, the students at this institute also get a thorough grounding in subjects like hospitality and tourism, finance, policies and procedures, ethics, communication, hospitality and behavioural science. The major areas of concentration at this institute are restaurant management, hospitality industry, spa management, leisure and recreation.

A large number of students come to the hotel management institute in Jaipur to either complete their graduation or just begin their career in the field. These institutions have a strong reputation as being able to churn out management professionals who have a clear understanding of the complexities of the hospitality industry. There is a careful blend of theoretical knowledge with practical application, which imparts a great deal of value to each student. The first year of training covers topics such as management theory, planning and organizing, interpersonal skills, group dynamics, decision making, HR management, recruitment and selection, promotion and public relations. The third year mainly focuses on managerial finance, operations, policy, organization and supervision.

Students who want to complete an MBA in hotel management also join the institute to enhance their skills. In addition to the regular curriculum, there is a special strand of MBA course, specifically tailored for students who wish to complete it online. This special course focuses on the theories and practical aspects of running a hotel. The first part covers the history and principles of business. The second part consists of modules such as human resource development, budgeting and financial management, and marketing. The last two semesters bring together students to do a hands-on internship at various hotels in Jaipur.

At the end of the first two years at the hotel management institute, students are awarded an associate degree or diploma. After this, they are given an option. They can either continue with an associate’s degree or pursue a bachelors of science (BS) in hotel management from one of the many accredited universities in India. A recent study by the World Federation of Hospitality Professionals revealed that Indian students are leading the global pack for entry-level hotel management positions. This is because they possess the best attributes such as creativity, leadership and problem-solving skills.

If you plan to do your MBA at the hospitality institute in Jaipur, you must also opt for a placement test. Hotel management has a lot of intricacies, and only people who are suited for the job stand the chance of getting in. During the test, potential students will be presented with detailed scenarios, and they will be asked to find solutions to problems arising from them. The institute may also require students to assess the overall efficiency of the hotel staff.

The institutes usually recruit from the institutions that have an undergraduate department with well-qualified students. Normally, the number of students in the core subjects like accounting, finance and marketing is quite limited. This is because the students who do not have any significant background in these subjects are usually those who opt for the hotel jobs. Hence, it is important for them to go for a course in an institution where they can learn all about management and interpersonal skills. An in-depth understanding of taxation, management theories, statistics, risk management etc are also required at the institutes. Thus, the institutes are very careful about admitting only students who are eligible.

The institute needs to maintain a good reputation within the industry, and it should also have a strong international profile. In order to achieve this, they invite internationally recognized students to their courses. These students need to undergo a rigorous training, which helps them understand the entire concept of management from different perspectives. They will also be exposed to different practical applications, which they can use in the real world. The institute should also keep up with the latest techniques, which can be applied to the business.

One of the most important requirements of any hotel management institute in Jaipur is that all its teaching material should be approved by the state recognized institute. The material should also be checked by the outside sources as well to make sure that they are genuine. Finally, the institute should be registered with the state education department, so that you do not face any problem in getting certification and accreditation.

If you have recently completed your graduation, then pursuing degree in hotel management in Jaipur, will be right career option for you.

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