How a Family Man Can Create a Billion Dollar Company From Scratch

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There are many great businesses out there that started with small beginnings. Truly, not everyone has had it easy in the beginning, and entrepreneurship is no easy task for anything to take on. However, there are still people out there who are up to the task and will do what it takes to see their dream come alive. This is definitely seen in certain men who would call themselves “family men”. How can a family man create a billion-dollar business? Really, a family man might have some strong advantages over another person who might not focus much on family values in business. As it turns out, family values can play a big role in a business and can even affect the employees that help run the business. When a person is more family-oriented, there might be some values and characteristics that he can plug into the business that can ensure its survival. If you consider yourself a family man today and you have always had a dream to start a billion-dollar company, it might not be as far off as you think. Here is how you can start your billion-dollar company with all of your family values.

Start With a Passion

It’s important that you start with passion when creating a business because a person who is not passionate about his business in the first place will probably not do what it takes to see that it survives when the difficult times come. As a family man, you have all of the ingredients to instill this passion into your business. You have a family to feed and a future to think about. You have learned patience and what it means to take care of others, and not just yourself. For example, D Gary Young started his essential oil business with his wife by growing a lavender field right in his own backyard. Years of research and study led him to create this awesome company that is still providing other families with oils for their healing properties and other benefits. This would have never been possible without this certain type of passion that could only stem from a family man.

Offer Something More Important

Starting a billion-dollar company is not that complicated in terms of what needs to be done. Of course, the journey to get there will be difficult, full of heartache and pain. But the concept on paper can be made simple. You simply have to sell something important, rather than something that won’t make such a huge splash. As a family man, you know that you need to create something that will offer care to your customers. You are always trying to make life better for your own family through financial means, and you don’t want to do anything that will hurt them. You can plug this same care and passion into your business by thinking of your customers this way. For example, billion-dollar companies are created because something important, such as a computer on everyone’s desk, was offered to the people that really need it. Think of the need and then fill it.

Invest in Your Children

Last, you definitely want to invest the family business into your children. Charles Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens, was able to create a successful company because he offered prescription whiskey to his customers in a time when sobriety was the law. He then passed this business on to his child, who passed it again on to his boy, who began in the business as a stock boy. He went on to become the CEO of the company. When you keep the business in the family, you are sure to ensure its survival. Every day, introduce your child more to the business to create passion and interest that made you start the business in the first place. As a family man, use the characteristics and skills you’ve acquired along the way to create your very own billion-dollar business.

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