How to Build a No-Nonsense Budget Gym at Your Home

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How to Build a No-Nonsense Budget Gym at Your Home 

Keeping in good shape is clearly a good idea, but not everyone wants to be bothered with going to a mainstream gym, especially if you were against the idea in the first place but thought, well, health is important and you gave it a go. Maybe you get to work and realise that you left your gym bag at home, rush home after work, get stuck in traffic on the way to the gym and then, when you get there, it’s full of posers, who are more interested in how they look rather than actually getting on and working out. Then you spot an exercise machine that’s vacant, right next to the biggest loud mouth in the place, by this time you’re already half way home.


Still want to get fit and stay healthy? 

Needless to say, that, anybody that has endured a similar experience probably never returned to the ‘gym’ but, the notion of staying or, getting fit and healthy still plays on their mind. What if, you could build a gym at your home and do it on a budget by buying a few bits of equipment, maybe even a cheap treadmill would fit somewhereinyour home? Surely, that’s got you thinking, most people will be thinking, a home gym, on a budget, how on earth do you manage that?


Get rid of any pre-conceived notions 

Throw any ideas or notions of how you think a gym should look or, what they are expected to look like based upon the gym or gyms you’ve already visited and start from the drawing board. A clean slate and an open mind to the fact that this is a budget gym and bear in mind the primary purpose, to keep or get you fit and healthy.


The essentials 

You only need a hand full of equipment to actually build or create a gym space in your home, everyone has at least one-piece space at home that they could make better use of so, all you need to do is, acquire the following;


  • Weight plates – you can get either rubber or metal
  • Flat bench
  • Squat rack with a pull-up bar
  • Jump rope
  • Olympic barbell


There are thousands of pieces of equipment that you could purchase, if you wanted, but most of the time they are additions that aren’tneeded or, get used. With the essential bits of kit above, you can get yourself into fighting fit shape in no time at all. If you’ve developed a passion for fitness and want to open up your home gym to customers, you can also invest in personal training online software to help start your business.


Where to look? 

If you’ve never bought any exercise gear before then it might seem like a daunting task, where to buy, who to buy from how do you know if the kit is any good, all of that stuff will come into play but, as long as you check each item and where it’s come from i.e has it been looked after then you should be ok.

Social media is a great place to start and, most of the basics you need have few moving parts and some have none at all, either they are made entirely of rubber, metal or rope. Making sure the kit is in reasonable shape should be easy and remember, you’re building a budget, no-nonsense gym, even if you buy metal weights that look like they were recovered from the Titanic, it doesn’t matter. 

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