Light Greenery Colours Give Sense of Space

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Top Stylists in Sydney Recommend Indoor Plants

Over the years, you may have kept an eye on the developing niche of colour psychology. Essentially, this is the study of the relationship between colours and human behaviours and emotions. While Carl Jung was a leading proponent of this field, other psychologists have since taken the mantle and developed the field further.


For example, red signals love, energy, and excitement while yellow suggests happiness, creativity, and warmth. However, this guide is all about light green and creating a sense of space around your home. If you’re looking to make an indoor or outdoor space seem larger, this is important information.


When most people think about giving a sense of space to a room or garden, most people immediately opt for white. Yet, this can often seem boring (especially if you love adding colour to space). Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that light green shades can achieve the same goals.


Whether you’re looking to make a small room more spacious or not, the very best stylists in Sydney are now suggesting indoor plants. Why? Because they add life to a room and the colour draws the eye while also making a room bigger. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing greenery around a room? Many are also going one step further and suggesting indoor faux plants.


Since these plants are artificial, you can choose the best styles, shapes, colours, and patterns for your room. Previously, you would have been restricted to plants that you can keep alive and that look good all through the year. Alternatively, it meant purchasing a new set of house plants each year.


One of the biggest problems with real plants is that they require lots of maintenance. Even when you maintain them well, they sometimes reward you by dying and losing health. Suddenly, the plants that you bought to add colour and add depth to a room are actually detracting from the room’s appearance.


With indoor faux plants, you know that they will thrive through all weathers, months, and everything else that life throws its way. Rather than worrying about maintenance, your faux plants will always be in top form.

Zero Maintenance, Stunning Designs, Trees That Please

Quite obviously, one of the biggest benefits of choosing artificial plants is the lack of maintenance. You don’t need to give yourself the job of remembering to water and feed your plants (something that inevitably falls down the to-do list as life gets busy!). As far as maintenance goes, you’ll just need to dust every so often. The fact that the plants exist indoors means that you don’t even need to worry about grime and dirt too much.


There’s more good news because all sorts of stunning designs are available – this includes plants that wouldn’t normally survive in your environment or climate. While some people choose a pointed agave plant, others want a spiky cactus or softer fern (something that is normally notoriously difficult to keep alive).


From ivy to orchids and everything in between, the number of available styles and designs is only growing in 2022. Ultimately, faux plants add everything you desire from indoor plants but without all the hassle of looking after them and keeping them alive. Through all the hustle and bustle of life, your home will look great week after week.


If you want trees that please, artificial plants are one of the best options this year. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, you’ll find lots of stunning designs available, and they provide a sense of space when used both inside and outside!


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