Which is the most used app for paying bills online?

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Do you still stand in the queues to pay bills? Well, if you have been doing so, you can put an end to all these unnecessary hardships and make payment of your utility bills online.  What difference will it make if you could pay bills online? Here are some points to justify:

  • Saves time: Standing in those long queues can take a long time of yours. You really need to spare at least half a day for paying the bills. On the other hand, you can pay bills online even in mid of a meeting; it is that simple. The time you would spend in the queues, can be used for other stuff.
  • Flexible: You do not have to be at a particular place to pay your bills online, and can do it even from the cozy bed of yours at midnight. In fact, you can pay the utility bills even when you are traveling abroad.
  • Bill reminders: Some apps will send you a reminder every month to pay your bills. Therefore, there is no chance of forgetting the date for payments of your bills.
  • Cashback, deals, coupons: As you pay your utility bills, you will get cashback or coupons or at least some kind of deals. These help in saving a lot of money on the next bill. However, the cashback, coupons, and deals depending on the app you are using.
  • Contactless payment: Since you are doing it online, this is completely contactless, and you do not have to worry about stepping out and catching any disease. Therefore, you are totally safe.

Now the confusion that arises among many of us is choosing the right online application that can give us the most benefits. Well, you can trust Airtel Thanks App. The App is super user-friendly, does the job in a few seconds, secure and you get huge cashback.

Now if you know how to do it, here is an example with steps. Taking as an example; if you have to pay your postpaid bill, you can follow these steps:

  • Install the Airtel Thanks App on your phone from Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • Login to the App with your registered mobile number and OTP that you receive on your number
  • Now go to the Pay Bills option on top of the page, under the account dashboard
  • Choose between Postpaid, Broadband, and other Utilities
  • Your bill and the outstanding amount will be fetched automatically
  • You can alternatively put below the amount that you wish to pay by choosing the option below of Proceed and Pay
  • You will be given various payment options such as Netbanking, Airtel Payments Bank, Debit/Credit card, etc. Once the payment has been made, the tour dashboard will be updated

Whether you are a postpaid customer of Airtel or you are using the broadband connection, you can use Airtel Thanks App to pay your bills every month without any problem. And apart from these two, you can also pay your other bills such as electricity, gas, etc. through this wonderful App. Even if you forget the date of your bill payment, this App will remind you about it and you can accordingly go ahead and make the payment.

The cashback offered by Airtel Thanks App on bill payment is actually very good and you can save quite a lot of money on your next bill payment. If all of these convince you to carry out your bill payment online, you can consider installing the App on your phone today and get started with the process of online bill payment. You can install the App from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store based on your device OS.

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