Nine Things Italian Cars are Known For

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Italian cars are known for many things, but these nine are the most popular. One of the best things about Italy is that they offer so much variety, which may explain why there are so many great models of Italian cars on the market today. These nine things will make you think twice about saying no to an Italian car when considering your next purchase.

1. Performance

Italian cars have long been known for their performance and luxury, which remains true in today’s market. The first performance must-have for an Italian car is the name of the car itself, which means “fast.” The Zagato Coupe is a great example of how Italians creatively use their cars.

2. Style

Few people know that Italian cars are known for their style—not only do they have the confidence that comes with this quality, but many models have never changed since they first hit the market.

3. Luxury

Naturally, Italian cars are great for luxury, with many coming with all the amenities you could want. The Ferrari California will give you a taste of what luxury means for an Italian car; this makes a list because it is equipped with a 400 horsepower V8 engine and comes in at just over $200,000. The interior of this particular model leaves nothing to be desired! However, if you feel like saving a few bucks, plenty of models don’t cost nearly as much.

4. Safety

One quality guaranteed with all Italian cars is their safety record; many of them have been known to meet or exceed international standards. The Lancia Delta, for example, has been crash tested and comes with a five-star rating! The Alfa Romeo Giulietta, however, has a four-star rating. The safety and reliability of this model speak for


5. Engine Size

Many Italians love putting the pedal to the metal and driving these powerful models with promises of performance that can’t be beaten. However, some would opt for a smaller engine size due to fuel efficiency. The FIAT 500 Abarth is a perfect example of this. This model boasts a turbocharged 1.4L engine and makes a list because it performs well but doesn’t use too much gas.

6. Comfort for the Whole Family

Italians know how to cater to their customers in every way, including comfort for the whole family, even Fido! For example, the Romeo Duetto Spider was released in 1966 as one of its highest-performance models, but it also had passenger space for four to five adults comfortably. This makes it one of the few Italian cars considered a true family car.

7. Cost

There are hundreds of different models of Italian cars to choose from. Some models are very pricey, but many are not—knowing what you want to spend can help narrow your choices. Also, there is nothing wrong with buying an older model that is still of great quality; some people choose this route because they can get a lot of cars for the money they spend.

8. Reliability

One thing that you will notice when you buy a true Italian car is its unbelievable reliability. Many models have been known to last over 20 years, and most are so reliable that they’ve never had a recall; this makes them an even better choice for the future.

9. Power

To Italians, power cannot be bought or downplayed; it’s what Italian cars are known for and something that Italian car buyers cannot miss. Some models even get a second engine in the front for added power! This makes a list because it shows how Italians have always put their best effort into ensuring their customers get the performance they crave.

Overall, Italian cars are known for their style, performance, luxury, safety and more. There are dozens of models to choose from, making it possible to match any budget or need.


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