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For artists with an already established audience, social networks are an excellent tool for further expanding the fan base, creating special projects with venues and large-scale promotional campaigns. Head of Marketing at Respect Production, Anton Vybornov, talks about how to use social media to promote your releases, concerts and videos if you already have a fan community, albeit a small one.

Registration of accounts

General recommendations

For a high-quality professional presence of an artist on sites, it is worth using all the tools that social networks provide, designed to beautifully design your content, organize and structure it, and make it easier for subscribers to access it. Some of these tools are:

“In contact with”

  • Design – artist’s community avatar, community header, widget visual. Reflects the latest topical newsfeed.
  • Main menu – buttons for community sections, for example “Music”, “Video”, “Products”.
  • Photo albums and video albums – here you need to organize the content by type (releases, concerts, backstages, studio work, and so on).
  • Products – artist’s merchandise or cover of his releases to attract the attention of the audience.
  • Widget – a subscription to a newsletter, an artist’s concert schedule or donations.
  • Stories – support for releases, important posts.
  • Discussions – here you need to put things in order on topics, close old topics, open new ones.
  • Links – a well-designed block with high-quality previews to links to other artist activities.
  • Audio recordings – the base of all the Tamil songs, sorted by chronology.
  • Playlists – albums of the artist and collections with his participation in chronological order.


  • Page Tabs – Smartly customize your Facebook page template so that your information is presented conveniently for users (for example, first a video, then a photo, then a wall).
  • Events – completed meetings for concerts organized on behalf of the community.
  • Photo / video sections – data filled in in accordance with the current agenda; these sections are often clumped together by posting other content on the wall. Make sure that this does not happen.
  • Publications – a customized feed of posts with the main pinned news feed.
  • The button on the page is an up-to-date news feed (for example, a new clip – watch a video), simplified access to the necessary content.
  • Design – header, avatar, photo / video sections. Reflects the latest topical newsfeed.


  • IGTV – Additional video content, teasers, trailers, invitations to concerts or interviews.
  • Highlights – customized “circles” with up-to-date information: releases, concerts, interesting stories.
  • A link in your bio is the main source of traffic from your profile, an always up-to-date link to the latest news feed.
  • Ribbon – profile showcase; if the video, then adapted specifically for Instagram, with a good preview; if the photo is taken in accordance with the general view of the account. Old posters or announcements must be erased.
  • Live broadcasts – interactive with the audience, lifestyle.


  • Channel design – header and avatar should reflect the latest current news feed.
  • Channel playlists – collections of videos customized by albums, concerts, news stories.
  • Community is the channel wall where the artist’s news is posted.
  • Link block – customized links to other artist sites.
  • Optimization – periodically updating the video on the channel in accordance with the latest news feeds: video descriptions, end screens, hint buttons and tags.


At least 10% of the event budget is usually invested in concert advertising , however, the specific costs of promo always vary, the distribution of funds depends on many factors, the main of which is the demand for tickets and the speed with which the audience buys them up.

As a rule, for topical and media musicians, a large share of organic growth comes by itself, and with the help of advertising that part of the audience is processed that could have missed the news about the release.

The budget of different artists to advertise music releases can also vary significantly. The average budget for promoting a single on the market is about 200,000 rubles, and at least twice as much for a video or album.

However, this amount can change in both directions,it is important to understand: the higher the budget, the wider the coverage, the more streams and user activity on social networks . Conversely, the more you cut costs, the less ad reach, media exposure, and the likelihood of hitting the charts.

It makes sense to clearly define your goals and break down the budget into separate areas (TikTok bloggers, target on TikTok, target on VKontakte, seeding on VKontakte, target on Instagram). Each direction should correspond to specific tasks (entering the charts, attracting subscribers, increasing listening to playlists, user activity under posts, etc.).

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