Steam Cleaning Will Make Your Rug Like New

Removal of Dirt and Stains Has Never Worked so Well!

You would believe that steam cleaning employs steam to clean your carpets because of the name, and you would be right. To remove filth and grime from your carpets, steam cleaning uses a combination of cleaning chemicals and water. A steam cleaner, also known as a carpet extractor, uses a wet vac to extract the dirty water from the carpet after spraying carpet-cleaning detergent combined with hot (but not steamy) water.

Your flooring will be maintained by professionals with years of experience in the field. I prefer a service that cleans your carpets with top-of-the-line equipment, resulting in long-lasting effects. Dry Master Melbourne steam cleaning service is the company to call if you need professional carpet steam cleaning.

Best Results in Melbourne

Dry Master Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Services has been serving Melbourne since 1990, and they have the skills, equipment, and processes to take care of things. You may steam clean your carpets in a variety of ways. The most typical type of steam carpet cleaning is a one-stage operation, in which a cleaner brings a portable unit to your home, similar to the one you may rent from a supermarket or hardware shop.

This steam cleaning machine is loaded with water and detergent, and it cleans your carpet without using any pre-spray or agitation. This approach cleans your carpet without rinsing it, which leaves detergent residue in your carpet, promoting rapid re-soiling. This steam cleaning process is almost 20 years old and is no longer favored by most Melbourne carpet cleaners, although a lot of low-cost cleaning businesses still employ it. Drymaster Melbourne does not employ a one-stage steam cleaning procedure for carpets.

The Dry master Melbourne carpet steam cleaning uses 6 stage process.

How can steam cleaning make your carpet look new?

Following are the six stages of steam cleaning carpet used by Drymaster Melbourne Service :

  • A biodegradable cleaning solution is pre-sprayed on the carpet.
  • A floor polisher and a padded brush are used to stir the cleaning solution through the carpet fibers. This procedure also aids in the loosening of embedded soils in high-traffic areas, as well as the elimination of spots and stains.
  • Any leftover stains and spots are dealt with.
  • The steam cleaning method includes a fiber rinse.
  • The carpet steam cleaning technique includes a deodorizer.
  • The carpet has been steam cleaned as well as vacuumed.

Permanent stains

There is one problem that is faced by most of the steam cleaning services that is a permanent stain. Removal of stains and dirt has never worked so well. Here’s how to deal with them. All stains are removed by a professional carpet cleaner (food, grease, mud, etc.). When it comes to eliminating a set or permanent stain, a professional carpet cleaner will have more trouble than removing a spot. Coffee, tea, blood, cola, urine, red wine, and other stains are all easily removed using Drymaster’s stain removal products.

Stain removal is possible if the stain has not been set and turned permanent. If stains remain after cleaning, additional treatments such as “Heat transfer procedures” or “Spot dyeing” may be required. Permanent stains are not guaranteed to be removed throughout the cleaning process; however, Drymaster Melbourne may provide further services such as spot dyeing, color correction, and undetectable mending for permanent stains.

Best results in Melbourne

The cleaning solution, as well as dirt and particles in the carpet, will be extracted by the machine. The steam and hot water penetrate the carpet fibers all the way down to the backing, loosening any embedded soil, dust, or greasy deposits without any damage to the texture and appearance of the carpet. If a permanent stain is not removed by steam cleaning, then Dry Master Melbourne applies another method for the removal of a permanent stain. If you want to get the best results in Melbourne, then do prefer Drymaster Service.

Why is steam cleaning best?

Remove trapped pollutants and stains: Dead bugs, pet dander, and cockroach allergens. Outside and at work, lead and foreign particles. Paint, cigarette smoke, and other sources of VOCs. Remove dust mites: Dust mites are tiny and can be found in every home. They reside in upholstered furniture, rugs, mattresses, bedding, curtains, and soft, fabric toys. Steam cleaning removes these dust mites from your carpets.

Increase your carpet life: Carpet Cleaning with Steam Extends the Life of Your Carpet High-performance carpets do not “wear out” as often as they used to. As soil and traffic take their toll on your carpet, it gradually loses its initial beauty and effect. Steam-clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months to maintain its original shine and beauty.

Final thoughts

Steam cleaning is an effective carpet maintenance method. This method cleans the carpet’s surface as well as the carpet fibers. The steam cleaning process makes it simple to extract dirt and stains from carpet fibers using a wet vacuum. Apart from dirt and stains, bacteria and germs will be removed as well, resulting in clean results.

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