The best cryptocurrencies with low risk on Investment

The best cryptocurrencies with low risk on Investment

About 10 years ago, very few people could have expected that cryptocurrency would be a huge market. Considering how cryptocurrencies have become accepted and versatile, investing in these digital coins has become the norm.

Unfortunately, not all cryptocurrencies have the potential to make yield in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the growth potential of the coin before you invest.

Let’s check out coins with low risk on investment.


There is no gainsaying that Bitcoin is a dominant player in the digital currency market. Amongst all the digital coins, Bitcoin is widely accepted. More so, where they are first-time institutional or private investors, they seem to prefer investing in Bitcoin first.

Just recently, El Salvador accepted Bitcoin as a payment method in their country. You may feel it’s irrelevant because it is coming from a poor developing country. Top chief executives are beginning to see the need to accept digital currencies as a payment method. Interestingly, Bitcoin is often their coin of choice.


For a very long time, Ethereum has been playing the second position to Bitcoin. On this list, Ethereum is still our second-best cryptocurrency with a low risk of investment. Before now, Ethereum was very unpopular and had little value compared to Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, Ethereum is widely more accepted after being in existence for more than a decade. The price of one Ethereum coin is more than $20000 compared to when it was launched years ago.


The Cardano coin is a relatively new digital currency. It was founded in 2015 and since then, it has become a major competitor in the cryptocurrency market. Like other coins, Cardano made a remarkable growth in 2021.

Recently, Cardano was ranked as the 5th most valuable cryptocurrency. Also, the Cardano coin allows users to use it for smart contracts. Meanwhile, Cardano seems faster and easier to use compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. These features have made Cardano an investor’s choice.


A lot of people perceived the Dogecoin as a joke after it was named after an internet meme known as Shiba Inu dog. According to statistics, the value of Dogecoin has surged up to more than 4000 percent in 2021. According to analysts, Dogecoin is considered the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Meanwhile, when the Dogecoin came on board it was worth just a few dollars. Nevertheless, as soon as tesla adopted Dogecoin as a payment method, the price hit the roof. Apart from Tesla’s influence, Dogecoin has the potential to grow.

Wrapping Up

If you choose to invest in these coins, ensure that you seek a digital expert’s advice. As you would know, the rates of cryptocurrencies are volatile. A coin may be doing well today and in less than no time, the rates for the coin may fall.

Nevertheless, no matter how the price of the coins mentioned here falls, it would still yield some reasonable return on investment. Finally, with OSOM guiding you, your digital currency investment will be safer.


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