Tips on writing winning political text messages

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Politics are competitive, and if you’re keen on winning that political seat, you must choose effective strategies that will set you apart from the competition. SMS marketing is one perfect way of setting your political campaign above board. When you have the right marketing strategy, you can drive new supporters; engage masses of people in quick turn-around, increase voter turnout, boost donations, and support at the grassroots, which is critical to your winning.


How then do you ensure you’ve got the right and compelling political text messaging?


Use MM messaging


Traditional messaging contains up to 160 characters, and that’s a sharp limitation. MM messages allow you to use any number; you can add more features like videos, GIFs, images, audio files, and more. With a suitable medium, you can send messages containing even up to 5000 characters. That ensures you’ve all the information detailed and therefore your supporters will get all the information they need. Furthermore, it gives you enough room to update your supporters, and you can take time to explain some key issues. You can also enjoy the preview feature in MM messaging, where you can edit and adjust the message where necessary for concise and effective message delivery.


Personalize the text message


Research has shown that more than 54% of consumers are ready to take personalized text messages. In a political setting, supporters want to feel connected to their candidate, and thus the more you personalize the messages, the better. You need to craft messages that will include subscribers’ names; cities, and they should also know that you care about them and the region where they live. An effective way here is to send text messages based on the time zone of the subscribers. That ensures you don’t irritate the supporters by waking them up in the middle of the night to read your messages.


A sense of urgency


Elections come and go, and therefore they don’t last for long. They are time-sensitive, and thus you’ve to create a sense of urgency every time. Talk about touchy issues and be clear on the timelines of upcoming events as you invite them to help you reach your fundraising goals. Get a text messaging company that allows you to insert subscribers’ names, email addresses, state, city, zip codes, and subscriber data in the political text message.


A clear call-to-action


For your political messages to be effective, make sure each has a clear call to action. The call to action should be designed around your campaign goals; volunteer, donate, attend events, and voting. Be clear on which action you want your subscribers to take. Instead of having so many messages with calls to action, choose one and focus on it. You can also get software that allows you to segment your subscribers based on gender, demographics, age, income, marital status, and such. You can also segment your subscribers based on time zones, state, or city, so your campaigns become hyper-local and helpful strategies for fundraising, inspiring donors, and encouraging high voter turnout.


When it comes to political text messaging, you have got a golden opportunity to “strike.” It’s a chance if you strategize well; you’ve enough following in a short span. You’re able to communicate clear and concise messages and frequently as per your wish. The ability to personalize the message is one single thing that makes you stand out from the competition.

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