Going for an artsy vibe? Follow these tips to decorate your home

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Are you the kind to decorate your home according to the current trends or do you dance to your own tune? Either way, it never hurts to insert a little bit of your personality into your own space. Your entire home is like a blank canvas piece that you can decorate according to your taste. Follow these simple tricks to decorate your home and make it look great.

Too much can spoil the space

Less is more when it comes to furniture. When it is said too much can spoil the space it is because you need space to move around freely or you may end up bumping into things frequently. A cluttered space removes the attention from the things that you want as the focal point.

Don’t worry about the norms

There are many magazines and websites dedicated to the art of decorating your home. Don’t pay attention to most of these and follow what you love. Irrespective of the suggestions given in these magazines you know how you want your safe space to be. Think of decorating with paintings, sculptures, and beautiful furniture.

Eclectic home decor

If you are wondering which home wall painting will look good on any of your walls, then the answer is all of them. Don’t worry about the background color of the furniture in the room when you are picking out a wall painting. Ensure that it is visible and that’s all you need to do for it to make an impact.

Oversized furniture and sculpture

Get extravagant home decor pieces like sculptures and vases to add an element of whimsy through disproportionate showpieces. You can hang a flower wall painting in nooks and corners of your home that are not proportional to the size of the painting. You can never have too many paintings for wall decor.

A mixture of traditional and modern

People who opt for traditional wooden work stick to that and rarely explore contemporary art pieces and vice versa. A healthy balance of both can look great given space. Don’t be afraid to mix it up adding a touch of contemporary artwork along with traditional artwork from India. If you are a fan of wood, then try incorporating both modern and traditional designs in the same material to bind the two together.

Add touches of light

Tube lights and bulbs are rarely seen in homes anymore. Switch to alternate methods of lighting which lend a softer touch to a room. Try using methods of lighting which have better shades and make your home glow warmly. Use different lampshades to play with textures and colors. Another way to ensure your room is well-lit but the light isn’t blinding is to use lampshades or hanging lights of different heights across the room.

Research about the best places to buy art from

In India, every place is a melting pot of culture and art. If you are looking for something specific, then read about which place is famous for it and source it from there. This will make your artsy home more authentic and the decorative piece can be a conversation starter.

The artsy vibe is nothing but a true expression of who you are and what your home means to you!

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