Best Towns in Canada for Nature Lovers

The Great White North is a cornucopia of stunning natural sites, rampant wildlife, and views that will leave you breathless.

Those who love the outdoors will revel in the many trails that can be hiked and biked, the vast amount of waterways to be kayaked or sailed down, and the many outdoor sports the country has to offer.

If you’re planning a trip to Canada, be sure to stop at one of these towns to take in all the natural beauty they have to offer.

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Perhaps the most well-known natural wonder of the country, Niagara Falls is a thunderous, stunning waterfall surrounded by a town where there is much to do. It’s often referred to as “Little Las Vegas,” given the strips of town rife with eateries, shops, casinos, and even waterparks.

Outside of the Falls themselves, you can visit The Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, which has the largest rose garden in Canada, as well as a butterfly conservatory and school of horticulture.

Queen Victoria Park is a sea of yellow in the spring as over one million daffodils bloom, a sight that gives Niagara Falls the title of the daffodil capital of North America.

You can take a boat tour to the falls, zipline over the water’s expanse, or visit the Bird Kingdom, the world’s largest free-flying indoor aviary.

Banff, Alberta

The next time you’re looking at Banff homes for sale, make sure to set time aside to explore all it has to offer.

This resort town in Alberta sits within Banff National Park, surrounded by mountainous peaks.

Banff has outdoor things to do year-round and is a favorite among skiers and snowboarders. There are plenty of hiking trails and fishing spots, and nearby Lake Louise is a glacier-fed body of water of a shining turquoise hue.

You can take a gondola on the Lake Louise Ski Resort up to the top of a mountain to get an all-encompassing view of the area below.

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is another popular Canadian destination for skiers and snowboarders, a town that’s home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler Blackcomb.

This is a great spot for winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds, as Whistler also offers snowshoeing and tobogganing, as well as ski jumping at Olympic Park.

The Park served as a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Even if you aren’t keen on participating in outdoor sports, you can’t beat the views you get from a stroll around the downtown area, which is dotted with a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

This all-season area is great for both snow sports in the winter and water sports in the summer and caters to outdoor enthusiasts, families, and foodies alike.

Crystal Mountain and Big White are the main ski resorts, and Okanagan Lake is a hot spot during the warm months. The lake has over 30 beaches, many of which offer paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing, as well as some playgrounds for kids.

There are many vineyards to enjoy, all of which are surrounded by lush, hilly greenery so there are sights to be seen as you sip away.

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