How did Virtual Office Solutions play a key role for companies during the pandemic?

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The conventional approach of businesses has been that offices are critical to productivity. Owning office space in the prime locations of urban cities around the world was a sign of prestige for the company. Coworking space and open-office designs were popular only amongst freelancers.


This pandemic has brought about tremendous change in the way companies work. The way businesses have changed from having a physical office to virtual office space has surprised the world. Companies adopted technologies for video conferencing and suddenly everyone worked remotely. People realized the importance of virtual office spaces.


According to a survey conducted 80 percent of the employees reported that they enjoyed working from a virtual office space. They said they had been more productive than they had been working from a physical office. They saved a lot of time from long commutes and used that extra time to balance their personal and professional lives.


With a number of benefits virtual offices bring to the company, many organizations have moved from having a physical office address to having a virtual office in Bangalore . They can now access new pools of talent from across the world and the location of the employee is no longer a barrier. Virtual offices help organizations adopt innovative processes to boost productivity and reduce real-estate costs significantly.


So how did virtual office spaces play a key role for companies during the pandemic? Virtual office spaces have been a blessing in disguise for the organizations


  • Remote Office Space: With everyone working from a virtual office space, the location of the employee is no longer of prime importance. Organizations can now recruit a pool of talent from across the globe. Companies no longer need to have a business registration address. Organizations are saving a lot of capital by not investing in real estate or leasing out properties for office spaces
  • Networking: Collaborations with people across the globe were always possible but companies didn’t take it into consideration. Companies have now realized how collaboration with different people is possible through a virtual office space. Remember all the times you thought to yourself why did we need a physical meeting, it could have just been discussed over an Email? Well, Anjali, you can now actually just email or have a video call to discuss your points and it will be considered totally normal.
  • Work-Life Balance: Working from home gives people additional time to spend with their families. Anuj can now spend more time with his kid, Saanvi can now foster and adopt a dog. All these small factors give rise to employee satisfaction and increase their productivity which ultimately benefits the company.
  • Cost-Effective: Virtual office spaces are cost-effective. A physical office space involves paying large rents, light bills, maintenance taxes, etc. A virtual office enables you to cut down on these overheads. Moreover, companies no longer have to pay for commutes and hotel stays of employees. This additional capital can be used by the company to invest in new projects.


A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. From increasing your business credibility, increased productivity, and larger talent pool to cutting costs, easy expansion, and business support, there are many advantages of virtual offices for your business. Get in touch with iKeva today to discover the benefits of virtual offices, and how they can help your virtual company now.


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