VoIP apps and its Features for Businesses

A Virtual number is a number that works on cloud technology. Such a number transmits your call by using the Internet. A Business gets the option of both Local and International numbers. This helps them in connecting with both national and international customers. So, A Virtual number is very useful for businesses since businesses get the option of connecting with different clients by using the same number. Virtual Number gives you the option of multiple lines that run on the same number. VoIP service providers provide you with this service of Virtual Number.

These numbers operate through an app that can be installed on any device whether it is a Laptop, Computer, or Mobile Phone. This makes this app and number a very good option for businesses to connect with their clients. Virtual numbers and apps have made communication very easy and you can call anyone from anywhere by just using a single number. There are many VoIP service providers in the market like Line2 Alternative and Mighty Call. You can easily search about them on the Internet and get their services at affordable prices. These apps have completely changed the manner in which we communicate with each other. VoIP apps are very useful for businesses as they provide you with many features. These features help in making your business more efficient and easier. Features of these apps are-

  • Call Recording– The first feature that you get with this app is that of call recording. You can record all your calls and then keep a record of every call. This helps you in improving your call standards since you can easily learn from your recorded calls, that what the shortcomings in your call are and then make calling a better experience for the customers. It becomes easy to guide the customer support executives about the calls. You can help them know what are mistakes they made overcall, so that they can take precautions from next time and can make customers happy.
  • Call Routing– This feature is a very important feature since it helps in connecting your free customer agent with the customer. Without it, it would have not been possible to connect customers with a free agent. This would have led to the loss of time and clients. That would have cost a lot to the company. By using this feature, it is easy for employees to transfer customer’s calls to other departments directly, without making them wait for long. Without this feature, the employees have to provide the number of the other department to the customer, so that they can connect with them. But it makes the customer feels frustrated, as they will have to memorize and dial different numbers. So, if you want to save yourself from a frustrated customer, it is better you switch to a Virtual Phone System. With the help of the call routing feature of the VoIP System, you can easily transfer calls from your end to other departments, without giving any trouble to customers.
  • Advanced Call Management– If you want to manage your calls properly then these apps have a feature called as Advanced Call Management. This feature helps you in performing a number of functions like- holding a call, blocking a call, or routing a call, etc. There are many useful features that you get under this feature. So, if you want to make your business tasks easy and time-saving, then this feature is a must for your business communication.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection– If you are fed up with the useless calls that you get every day and which ultimately leads to wastage of time. Then this feature can help you in saving time and then you can easily focus on genuine customers. You will no more have to attend the spam calls or the telemarketer’s calls. So, your virtual phone number will be only for making business calls.
  • Call Pulling– If you want to switch the device while you are talking to a customer then Call Pulling can help you in this goal. By using it you can easily switch a device while talking and your customer won’t even know it.

You can also get so many features by using this App. Every business must get the service of a good VoIP service provider for running their business successfully. Apart from the features that we have mentioned above, the virtual phone system offers many other features too. This is why all types of business sectors prefer to make use of Virtual Phone System.

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