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The modernization of society has created a real digital explosion. Digital professions, therefore have a real role to play in society. In 2021, a company can no longer neglect its digital interface: it must take care of it. But this often turns out to be more complicated than expected. Experience cannot be invented, which is why you have to seek professional help. Then come into play the digital specialists.

The everything is digital around the world

At a time when 2 billion people are connected to the Internet daily, we can no longer afford to do without digital! This is obviously a major commercial issue for companies, which must adapt to this new mode of communication. However, 60% of employees consider their company’s digital strategy to be late…

The digital professions, which evolve continuously and rapidly, therefore occupy an increasingly important place in companies. Most professions are also tending to modernize, which is why we are seeing a real increase in teleworking.. On the other hand, people of all ages are going digital, out of desire or constraint, given that a large number of services are now digitized and exclusively available on the Internet. Globally, we note in particular that the share of users over 65 is increasing dramatically: on Facebook, their number has increased by almost 40% over the last 12 months. 88% of the population uses the Internet. A figure which has never been so high and which continues to grow. Thus, the modernization of society is leading everyone to turn a little more too digital every day.

Digital professions

Who are the digital professionals? We can distinguish 3 main types of trades. First of all, those which concern Web creation , responsible for the design of Web sites, responsive sites, mobile sites, mobile applications … The professionals of this first category are in particular the UX Designer, the UI Designer, the Creative Director, Digital Art Director, Multimedia Project Manager, Advertising Manager, Web Ergonomist, 2D Graphic Designer, 3D Illustrator, Web Designer …

Then, a second family of digital professions consists of web developers, in other words multimedia developers, front-end, back-end or even developers of mobile applications. All are specialists in development languages ​​and computer programming.

Finally, the last major category concerns the Web-marketing professions, very popular due to the development of e-commerce. The e-commerce market could reach 100 billion turnover in a year in one country. We therefore understand the reason why there are more and more Web-marketing players.

Among these professionals, we can notably mention: the account manager, the data scientist or analyst, the web analytics consultant, the SEO expert, the social media manager, the digital product manager … and the web editor or copywriter!

What does the job of the web editor consist of?

As its name suggests, the web editor is responsible for writing texts specially designed for digital. With the digital revolution, it has become an essential player. He can exercise his activity in an agency, a company, or even set up his own account as a freelance worker, that is to say self-employed.


To write his articles, he does meticulous work that includes investigating, researching, writing and formatting. Before writing, he must study the subject given by his client in detail. He then has to sort the information, verify it and organize it. The web editor always writes according to the client’s instructions, respecting for example a precise typology and technical writing aspects such as HTML tags. He must also be careful never to directly copy the results of his research to avoid any plagiarism. This is why he also devotes himself to a great deal of reformulation in order to personally appropriate the information he reports. His writing must be pleasant in order to best capture.


The web copywriter must definitely have strong writing skills. He is truly passionate about writing. Of course, he has a sustained level of impeccable spelling. Over time, he developed a more personal style of writing and of course wrote more naturally than when he started out. One of its essential qualities is the fact of being able to put oneself in the reader’s shoes to better retain his attention and to know how to correct oneself in an autonomous way to provide the best possible texts.


A bright future for web copywriters

Different copywriting course are available to you if you want to become a copywriter or web editor. It all depends on the position you want to occupy. Would you like to work alone or in a specialized agency? It’s up to you to define your desires to find the most suitable training for your personal case.

A copywriter may, in order to be able to exercise this profession, follow studies of approximately three to five years. In particular, there are professional licenses specializing in web writing. But the future student can also consider studying journalism, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to him. The university course is another option. It is possible to do a bachelor’s degree oriented towards letters or the humanities, then to pursue a master’s degree specializing in writing or digital media. Going to a business school, IPS (Institute of Political Studies), a school of communication or journalism can also lead to the profession of editor, to see depending on the school and its program.


Many web writing training courses are possible on the Internet. Many web writers offer training. It’s up to you to decide which option is the best.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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