What are Variable Message Signs Used For?

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Variable message signs were created to provide the public with information via electronic messages. The signs are computerized and remotely modifiable. They are commonly used to report traffic conditions, such as backups, road closures, and the locations of accidents and other hazards. Read on to learn more about variable message signs.

Display Traffic Information

Traffic control signage, more commonly known as variable message signs (VMS), is used to display real-time traffic information. These signs can alert drivers to road closures, construction activity, and other imminent hazards. They can also provide weather and traffic updates, parking information, directions, and any other useful services.

VMSs are used in a wide range of industries for a variety of purposes:

Safety – VMSs are often used by public safety agencies like police or fire departments to inform motorists about current traffic conditions or road hazards before encountering them. This helps drivers prepare for these changes so that they can avoid accidents.

Road Construction – VMSs can inform drivers about upcoming roadwork that may affect their route or travel time. This allows drivers time to adjust their plans accordingly. They can be used to alert drivers when they need to slow down or stop due to construction work being done ahead of them by displaying messages such as “Stop Ahead” or “Construction Zone Ahead.”

Traffic Management – Cities and counties throughout the United States can use VMSs as part of a larger effort to manage traffic congestion. Access points to certain areas are restricted based on an algorithm that predicts the congestion level at any given point based on historical data collected from previous events.

Display Weather Conditions

Variable message signs are utilized to display weather conditions because they can change their content based on certain criteria. They are often used during severe weather or when there is an emergency situation in a specific area.

The signs are designed to be able to display different messages at the same time so that they can inform drivers of all sorts of things they may need to know while driving. For example, if there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect, but it’s raining heavily already, a variable message sign could tell you both: “Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Effect” and “Expect Heavy Rain.”

The purpose of using variable message signs is to keep drivers informed about the condition of the roads, as well as any possible hazards in the area. They help reduce accidents due to poor visibility caused by fog or rain storms. It also helps drivers plan for their trip by knowing about any delays before heading out on the road so they won’t be caught off guard when they get there.

Display Emergency Notifications

In an emergency situation, traffic control devices are used to direct and warn motorists. Variable message signs display emergency information to help keep the public informed of what is happening. They can also be used to provide updated information during a traffic incident or event that may affect traffic flow in the area.

Variable message signs allow for real-time updates by displaying messages on electronic digital screens. This allows for more effective communication between transportation agencies and the public than traditional sign boards, which are typically only changed when they are replaced or repainted.

In recent years, VMSs have been used to broadcast Amber Alerts in the event of child abductions. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is tasked with coordinating this process on a national scale; however, each state has its own protocols for how NCMEC will work with local law enforcement agencies to deploy an alert.

Promoting Local Events

Variable message signs are an excellent way to promote local events.

Often, variable message signs are used to display advertisements and other information, such as traffic updates, weather forecasts, and school closings. These signs can be seen on highways and roadways in many different places around the world.

Variable message signs can also be used for public safety purposes. For example, if there is an emergency situation nearby, variable message signs can be used to warn drivers of the dangers that lie ahead.

Some variable message signs are used for recreational purposes as well. For example, some variable message signs display information about attractions or events in an area.

Finding a Quality Signage Company Is Important

When it comes to traffic control, the importance of having high-quality signage is paramount.

A sign that is not properly lit or visible can cause dangerous situations for drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. When you are looking for a company that provides quality signs, Work Safe Traffic Control Industries is the one you can trust.

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Provide Commuters with Important Information

Variable message signs assist in keeping traffic control safe, efficient, and effective. They can be used for everything from lane closures to construction zones and other ways to redirect traffic.

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