Why is React JS a good choice for product owners?

We live in a digital world where having a robust online presence has become a must for every organization to beat its business competitors in the market. Product owners who are willing to push their business to an advanced level have to choose a suitable set of tools and techniques to develop their web presence. However, selecting the correct method of web and app development is not an easy task. There are plenty of web and app designing frameworks available in the market which can make it more difficult for a product owner to choose one.

Nevertheless, for front-end development, you can always select React JS to develop user-friendly applications and websites. But what exactly is React JS, and how has it become so popular among developers and business-oriented product owners? Well, read this article ahead to know about React JS and its benefits, making it an excellent website and application development choice.

What is React JS?

React JS is a publicly available, front-end, component-based JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Initially founded by Jordan Walke in 2013, a software engineer at Facebook, React JS was first used to show the news feed. Later, the developers adopted it to design applications, websites, online games, and much more. Facebook, Airbnb, Skype, Instagram, and several other brands used React JS as a development framework. It is mainly responsible for the front-end (client-side) development in any application to provide better UI and UX to the users through fast processing speed, understandable interface, and high-class performance.

What are the benefits of React JS that make it an ideal choice for front-end development?

One of the best things about ReactJS is that you can do specific web application changes without reloading the web pages. Due to this feature of React JS, many users, developers, and product owners prefer it. Apart from this, you can create a user interface simply and quickly using it. Therefore, if you are looking to take advantage of such services and are willing to develop a well-performing web application for your business, you can hire Skilled React.Js developers and use their expertise and proficient skills to get better results on your online presence.

Below are some benefits of using React JS for web and app development:

  • Easy to Use and Learn: React JS is one of the most straightforward and most effortless to learn JavaScript frameworks. The reason behind this is that React JS uses plain JavaScript, which is easily accessible for the component-based approach on which it works to construct your website or mobile application. As a result, it reduces the cost of development. It is why most developers find it suitable for front-end development.
  • Fast Learning Curve: React JS is an elementary-level and lightweight JavaScript library that only deals with the view layer. It makes it easier to adapt and understand. Hence, it can be a preferable option to learn and design web applications with React JS.
  • Save time with reusable components: One of the best things about React JS is that a developer can reuse the code components at different levels. For instance, graphic designers use the same graphics and other assets multiple times. If they do not reuse them, they have to design the same logos or graphics again and again. However, managing such components in React JS is not difficult, as a change in one such feature does not affect others. Hence, the developers can create a class of such components and can use them as different instances. It saves both time and reduces the cost of producing the same objects for different situations.
  • Create SEO-Friendly web presence: If your business website does not follow the requirements to appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), it would not be productive anyway. Page loading time and content rendering speed are some of the factors that can make or break your online web presence on a search engine like Google. With React JS, you get a faster rendering speed and the page loading time is also pretty less than other frameworks. It helps enhance your page ranking, which in turn can help you get more traffic on your website.
  • Unidirectional data flow maintains code stability: React JS framework uses downward data binding to increase the code’s strength. In layman’s language, whenever you initiate any changes in the child’s structure, the parent’s design will have no impact due to those changes. It ensures the code’s stability and hence enhances the performance of the app or webpage.

Some popular applications developed using React JS


As already mentioned, Facebook is the one that introduced React JS in the field of web and app development. It is the reason that FB makes the best use of React JS library in the architecture and development process. One of the most remarkable examples of popular React JS applications is the mobile version of Facebook that we all are currently using. The building tool behind it is React Native, one of the widely used tools available in React JS library.


When talking about an online streaming platform, Netflix needs no introduction. The high streaming speed feature, ability to support modulation and better runtime performance made Netflix adopt React JS for providing outstanding UX to the users.


If you are a gaming freak, you would be aware of the Discord app. Gamers can use this platform to communicate with each other by using images, videos, or texts while playing their favorite games. However, the tech behind all this is none other than React JS. In fact, you will be amazed to know that the developers of this app have done around 98% of its coding using React JS to provide a better conversation experience to the gamers.


Pinterest is a widespread image-sharing and social media services platform on which users can discover new information and save the content they like. The users can access all the information available as GIFs, images, or videos saved on their pinboards. The UI component responsible for designing Pinterest is Gestalt, an open-source tool available in the React JS library.

Final thoughts

Since you have read about React JS’s advantages, you can now understand that it has a bright future in the field of web and app development. With React JS, you can quickly build top-notch websites or high-end applications for your business and easily make changes without intervening in the user experience. Therefore, if you are a product owner, you can hire React JS Developers and ask them to build a dream website or mobile app for your business to provide your users with a user-friendly and highly interactive interface.

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