4 Types Of Designer Flooring with Durability of Concrete

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4 Types Of Designer Flooring with Durability of Concrete

When it comes to flooring, the options are versatile and often confusing. Sometimes, one will have to compromise with the quality to go for good looking printed tiles. In other cases, some will have to pick bland tiles for the sake of their high strength and utility. Concrete has been a timeless outdoor flooring option, be it patios or backyards. However, grey concrete can dull your outdoor space, reduce visual appeal despite the money and time! Fortunately, today, one can choose decorative concrete over the solid type, enjoy properties of concrete and customise designs they need.

Knowing the Types

In Australia, Stand-alone houses are the most common. Custom-designed concrete can be used both outside and inside, can match your paint colours, and have a pleasing appearance. If you want new tiles for your high traffic buildings or renovate your patios, these tiles are the best to buy. Designed concrete is versatile and, here is a list of designed concrete flooring types,

Stamped Concrete

Most people prefer stamped concrete flooring over pavers due to its easy installation feature. Also, stamped overlays maintain the natural height of your backyard, while pavers happen to form a raise. When it comes to colour and pattern versatility, nothing can match stamped concrete. You can have intricate designs or geometric patterns on your patios and backyard with these stamped floors. Infusing multiple shapes is also possible. Stamped concrete usually looks attractive with earthy shades and geometric patterns.

3D Flooring

Fancy concrete marks this innovation in the flooring realm- 3D tiles are aesthetic and have qualities to make rooms appear spacious. Epoxy 3D floors can have almost any print you choose to match your interiors and leave a glossy finish; they look perfect during mornings as they reflect light. In addition, these floors are usually single block overlays, and this feature makes them resistant to cracks and chirps.

Terrazzo Flooring

With terrazzos, you get unlimited architectural versatility, infuse intricate patterns and go for multi-coloured decorative flooring effortlessly. When terrazzos get poured as a hunk of concrete, they are highly functional and do not chip away. It consists of multiple materials like marble, glass, granite and quartz, all cut into chips and laid together. Terrazzos are the best to choose when you want complementary wall tiles, as they go well on walls, floors, indoors and outdoors. A levelled concrete foundation ensures the flooring to be defiant to water, stains, scratches or cracks.

Permeable Gravel Floors

Terrazzos for being water repellant, but hot climates can turn intense with non-porous flooring! Permeable gravels can suit scorching hot areas, like a parking lot or driveaways. The crushed gravel has an artistic appeal and is the most inexpensive choice to pick with permeable flooring.

Benefits Of Decorative Concrete Flooring

Concrete overlays can save your backyards from weed growth which pavers fail to do. When it comes to indoor flooring, designed concrete can complement wall colours, interiors and even textures your foot loves! Here are some other benefits of getting decorative concrete floors,

  • Designed concrete can get you any look- aesthetic, vintage and contemporary. Also, it can replicate almost all stone and tile options holding back its functional potency.
  • These concrete floors are highly resistant to scratches and cracks, so you can move your heavy furniture or have pets indoors without any worry.
  • Customised concrete flooring is the best to buy in areas experiencing intense summers. It has a natural cooling ability and keeps the floor refreshing perpetually.
  • Periodical sealing is all you have to do to maintain these floors- you save maintenance costs! Also, these floors are easy to clean, mop and sweep!

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