5 Tips for GMAT exam preparation

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5 Tips for GMAT exam preparation

GMAT may be explained as Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT is part of application process for admission in business schools. This test is computer based and standardized exam with multiple choice questions. GMAT syllabus is designed by committee in such way that the score in the test will reveal the eligible candidates for MBA admission in business schools. A high score in GMAT will offer positive impact in business school admission. To secure high score in GMAT, admission in tutorial classes should be accepted from reputed institute like Jamboree India.Personalized teaching is available in tutorial classes.

Graduate Management Admission Test is commonly known as GMAT. It is a Common Adaptive Test (CAT) to get admission in a management program such as MBA. This test checks many of your skills like reading, writing, analytical, quantitative, etc. Scoring well in these tests can help you in getting admission to top business schools. One should have to give best efforts in preparing for these tests to succeed further. Many points should be kept in mind while preparing for GMAT to easily get admission to a renowned university. Some of the tips for GMAT preparation are-

1.Create a learning diary- The GMAT exam has a lot of questions so it’s difficult to memories everything. One should need to keep a learning diary with him while preparing for the GMAT. You can write important points and difficult questions in the diary which can be helpful for you to revise in the future. This can help you in eliminating your weak points and prepare for GMAT in the best possible way.

2.Set a Timetable- Timetable is the most important technique used for succeeding in any field. For GMAT preparation you should have to build a timetable to effectively manage your time. Management of time helps you to plan for your GMAT in the best possible way. One can maintain a timetable in which he/she can gradually increase the time for GMAT preparation as the exam date comes closer. This can help you to focus on your preparation for the exam.

3.Focus on your weakness- One should have to focus on their weakness so that they can work on it. It is necessary to focus on your weak points so that you can give more attention to these points. But while focussing on weak points you should have to take care to not leave other important areas. One should have to maintain a schedule accordingly so that all the points of the syllabus are covered.

4.Try to overshoot your targets – Even if one doesn’t need a 700+ score in GMAT, as a 500-600 score is sufficient to get admission for MBA. But while preparation one should have to make higher targets so that they can reach the required score easily. Not only in GMAT but for every exam one should keep their targets high to achieve best.

5.Redo GMAT preparation Tests – GMAT preparation tests are very helpful in achieving a higher score in exams. These tests include important questions and can help you in preparation for the GMAT. One can try these tests again and again as they can help to increase your speed of completing the test. These preparation tests are proved very helpful for scoring well.


The syllabus contains the two sections like data sufficiency and problem solving. In each section, 18 questions are given to answer. The questions will be of objective type with multiple choices.

  • Problem solving- The candidates are assessed with skills for reasoning with logic to solve qualitative problems.
  • Data sufficiency-The candidates have to examine quantitative problem with data .It should be noted which data is important and where lies the points with many data to solve problems.


To conclude – The above-described points highlight some of the tips to prepare for the GMAT. It includes keeping a learning diary, setting a timetable, focus on weak points, redo preparation tests, etc. These tips can help you in timely completing your GMAT syllabus and scoring well in your exam. One can easily follow these tips so that they can achieve the required score in GMAT and get admission to a renowned university.


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