7 Amazing Features of BMW Cars

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BMW is one of the car companies that is well-known for its luxury and performance, but at the same time, it’s also known as a company that doesn’t put all its eggs in one basket. Every year BMW releases new models, from small cars to SUVs and high-end sedans. With each new model they release, they are outdoing themselves with improvements that help drivers enjoy their ride more and be safer.

7 Amazing Features of BMW Cars

1. Styling

One of the best things about BMW cars is their style. Every year they release a new model, each one looking better than the next. From hatchbacks to high-end sedans, they never miss a beat with styling, performance and safety.

2. Performance

The performance of BMW cars is top-notch. The engines of all their models can handle the most demanding terrain and are extremely reliable. Even though they might be considered small cars, they can easily handle any situation and make it fun to drive even more.

3. Safety

BMW is known as a company that makes safe cars. From their airbags to anti-lock brakes, they do everything they can to make every model of their cars safe. From 1999 until today, BMW has only had one accident; in both cases, it was not caused by the driver. It proves how great of a car they are making.

4. Design

The design of BMW cars is super simple while still being sophisticated at the same time. Their vehicles have a simple design that is easy to identify and something you are sure to see daily at your local corner. They also have procedures in their cars that make them look more expensive.

5. Engines

Another great thing about BMW cars is their wide range of engines. Their engines come in different styles and sizes, so whether you prefer an inline-four engine or an inline-six engine, you are sure to find the right one for your car. They also use different types of machines for the different styles of their vehicles, so if you want a sporty or sport-tuned vehicle, you can find it.

6. Elegance

One thing that sets BMW apart from other luxury car companies is the way they make their cars look more elegant than they are. Their seats are not made of leather and have no leather trimming on them like other luxury brands, but they still look elegant and fancy. It’s no wonder why BMW has and will always be one of the most luxurious car companies in the world.

7. Tech

BMW has some of the best technology in their cars. One example is the iDrive system, which helps control your car’s functions, including Bluetooth and safety systems. It is a great feature for those who want to keep their hands on the wheel at all times but still want to take full advantage of their technology.

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