Best Gadgets to Take on Your Trip

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As enjoyable as flying can be, it can be a hassle sometimes too. Many people fly for business rather than pleasure, and their flights can be long and tedious. No matter why you’re flying, staying organized and entertained is crucial to break up the monotony of the airport experience. 

Safety First

No matter what type of entertainment you turn to on a flight, it has to be approved for flying. This may seem redundant and rather common sense, but it is something that needs to be taken into account. If something is not cleared for plane safety according to the FAA’s aircraft inspection, it could either be confiscated by TSA agents before you even get on board, or even get you delayed at the security check. If you aren’t sure whether or not something is approved, it wouldn’t hurt to do some research on it to avoid any future annoyances. 

Entertainment Options

Once you’re at the airport, things can get boring. Depending on the flight time and potential delays, you could be waiting anywhere from an hour to a day or two. Airports themselves don’t offer much in the way of entertainment, so you will pretty much be restricted to what you bring with you. Phone games are a great option, and there are plenty to choose from, both online and offline. No matter if your taste in games is more competitive or relaxing, there is a wild assortment available that only takes a couple of minutes to install. 

If games aren’t your style, or you’re worried about your battery dying too quickly without access to a charger, books are a nice alternative. While they may take up room in your suitcase, they can keep you occupied for hours without having to worry about needing a battery or charger. If you are concerned about the weight requirement for your bags, many airport convenience shops will sell books there. This might be a little bit of an extra cost, but would be preferable to boredom if you’re stuck waiting for a delayed flight.

Staying Comfortable

While flying is an incredibly convenient way to travel, it’s not always the most comfortable thing in the world. Airports can be loud and confusing, and the planes themselves are cold and uncomfortable. Fortunately, most of this discomfort can be avoided with a little planning ahead. For the airport itself, headphones are a must. Noise-canceling headphones can usually be found for pretty cheap and can save your sanity when you’re waiting for a flight in a noisy airport. 

On the plane itself, it is usually kept pretty cold and the seats can be uncomfortable. It might be a good idea to keep a jacket in your carry-on in case you get too cold. If you have room, travel pillows can make napping on the flight a breeze. Some airlines will provide pillows and blankets for overnight flights, but for shorter ones, it might be better to be prepared ahead of time. Most flights can be far more comfortable and relaxing with just a couple of small additions to your suitcase. 

Keeping Connected

One of the biggest worries of most travelers is the loss of luggage. Depending on where you’re traveling to, it can be anywhere from an annoying inconvenience to serious danger. Unfortunately, airlines can lose luggage in transit fairly often, and it can be days sometimes before it is found again. One way to help keep track of your bags is with a small tracking keychain. These can help you know exactly where your suitcases are, whether they’re on the plane with you or stuck somewhere in another airport. 

While keeping track of your bags is important, staying in touch with people while traveling is too. Airport Wi-Fi can sometimes be a little spotty, so it might be smart to look into a portable hotspot. These can sometimes be installed into your phone or computer, but also can be purchased separately. A hotspot like this will ensure that no matter whether or not the Wi-Fi in the airport is reliable, you are able to stay in touch with your family or business. 

Travelling doesn’t always need to be a hassle but can be a pleasure. 

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