Best Outdoor Activities in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur is a city in India renowned for its diverse culture, architecture, “Sun City,” and also Jodhpur’s adventure activities. The sun never sets on this city, which has always been a draw to people from all over the world. But what makes Jodhpur so unique is its status as one of the few cities in India with such an attraction and its variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. This blog post will take you through some of our favourite outdoor activities that tourists should try when visiting Jodhpur!

Visit Mehrangarh Fort

The magnificent Mehrangarh fort, which pokes above the city like a beacon, is India’s largest fort. The massive fort, which rises 400 feet above the city, provides a beautiful backdrop to Jodhpur. The fort’s thick walls shelter several palaces with intricate carvings and vast courtyards, ornate balconies, arched galleries, and a heavily adorned private home.

The Mehrangarh fort is also notable for its museum, which is recognized to have one of the greatest collections of Rajasthani antiquities. The Museum of Arms, Costumes, Paintings, and Decorated Period Rooms display royalty’s history in arms, costumes, artworks, and opulent period rooms.

Flying Fox

Jodhpur’s adventure activities include an exciting six-zipline experience with international safety standards available at the Mehrangarh Fort.

Glide over the vast terrain of Rajasthan’s Mehrangarh Fort, one of the state’s most impressive forts. You get to see the view that most tourists fail with Flying Fox! Fly over the Rajasthani Fortress’s outer defences, glide peacefully over two desert lakes, trek through Rao Jodha’s eco-park, and get the best perspective of Mehrangarh and the Blue City of Jodhpur.

Street Food Tour

Jodhpur is a beautiful food destination in Rajasthan, and the royal city of Jodhpur is unquestionably one of the finest. The Jodhpuri cuisine is spicy, and the sweets and desserts are decadent with copious quantities of dry fruits. Jodhpur’s traditional Dal BatiChurna is the main dish, and must-try street foods include Pyaaz (onion) Kachauri, MawaKachauri, Mirchi Vada, Panchkula, and Makhaniya Lassi.

The sweets shelves are filled with Mawa kachori, Vade Maakhan, and Besanchikki. The speciality of the region is laal means, a dish made with chicken or mutton. Get a food tour and go to Pal Road, Clock Tower Market, C road Sardarpura, Mahalaxmi MisthanBhandar, NaiSarak, and Shanicharjika Than for local cuisine without guilt.

Osian Desert Safari

Osian is the place to go if you’re looking for a genuine desert experience. Sain is a Rajasthani settlement dating back to the sixth century. Since its temples were built, it’s an oasis in the Thar Desert and known as the Rajasthan counterpart to Khajuraho.

There are no other notable attractions in the region. Around the 8th century, it served as an important trading centre on the Silk Route between Asia and Europe. The most beneficial thing you can do in this area is to hire a caravan.


Paragliding is yet another Jodhpur adventure activity which allows you to capture the thrilling sensation of flying high, which will hold you enthralled with the adventure involved in the sport. Prepare to have an unforgettable journey with this package that will take you to new heights. With a 360-degree panoramic view, you may enjoy the excitement of paragliding in Rajasthan’s arid desert region.

The Paragliding in Jodhpur Experience includes a 12+ year experienced and professional pilot who will make your trip more pleasurable with helpful actions. The instructions would ensure that you are as safe while doing the activity as possible. The People at the paragliding activity are concerned about your health; therefore, the activity session also provides all necessary safety precautions and equipment to minimize any problems.

Walk at Ranisar Lake

The city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is home to several spectacular monuments including Ranisar Lake, which was constructed during the reign of Queen JasmadeHadi in the 15th century. The beautiful Ranisar Lake, which was formerly a pirate hideaway, has become a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. A stroll around this lovely lake is the answer to what to do in Jodhpur in the morning.

Trees surround the lake, and the air is refreshing. The beautiful Mehrangarh Fort is visible throughout the day from the lake’s banks, and in the evenings, it’s stunning. The weekends are the worst time to visit the lake; therefore, you may schedule your trip accordingly to avoid the crowd.



The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to explore them with you. Whether you want a solo adventure or an activity that can be shared with friends, family, or the whole group – there is something for everyone in Jodhpur!

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