What Are The Primary Differences Between PSM and CSM Certifications?

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What Are The Primary Differences Between PSM and CSM Certifications?

The Agile framework of Scrum assists teams to collaborate in order to gain success in an environment of development where the necessities are evolving rapidly. Teams the follow the methods of Scrum are motivated and inspired to work in a self-organized and transparent manner while constantly improving themselves via self-reflection and working on an issue. Companies and organizations that are based on IT are hiring candidates who are aware of the processes, principles, and framework of Scrum and Agile.

Accrediting Bodies

CSM or the Certified Scrum Master is a qualification from Scrum Alliance, which is a non-profit organization that offers guidance on the values, principles, and practices of agile. The PSM or Professional Scrum Master is provided by Scrum.org, which is an organization founded by Ken Schwaber, the co-founder of Scrum. It looks to enhance professionalism in the training of Scrum all across the world.

Period of Training

The duration of training for both the Professional Scrum Master or PSM as well as the Certified Scrum Master or CSM training online is on fourteen to sixteen hours in two days each. While a PST or Professional Scrum Trainer leads the PSM course, the CSM course of certification is led by a CST or Certified Scrum Trainer.

Process of Certification

  • PSM
  1. It is not mandatory to take the PSM course. One can directly apply to sit for the PSM I Examination if they feel they already have the necessary level of knowledge in Scrum. But, if you take up the course, it will help you prepare better in order to pass the test at the initial attempt.
  2. Candidates need to check the available resources that help with the preparation and prepare well for the examination.
  3. There are eighty questions in the PSM I Assessment that you have to answer within a time limit of one hour. A logo along with the PSM I certification will be given to you after you clear the assessment.
  • CSM
  1. Individuals need to attend CSM training online or in person. This training course of certification will be taught by a CST or Certified Scrum Master, or you will be mentored by a CAC or Certified Agile Coach. The CSM training online is for fourteen to sixteen hours.
  2. After the completion of the course, the candidate has to take a Certified Scrum Master test that comprises fifty questions. They have to correctly answer thirty-seven out of fifty questions in order to achieve passing marks within a time limit of one hour.
  3. Finally, when the candidate has passed the Certified Scrum Master or CSM examination, they will be asked to accept the license agreement of CSM and finish their membership profile of Scrum Alliance. They can enjoy the facilities of the membership for a duration of two years.


Final Thoughts

One of the searched-for skills in today’s times is the knowledge of Scrum. Both the PSM and CSM certifications are highly esteemed in the world of Scrum. People consider the Certified Scrum Master to be an easier examination to pass. Every two years it needs a renewal of the diploma. Although the Professional Scrum Master comes with a bit more challenging assessment, it stays valid for your lifetime.

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