How do I reduce Hair Loss Problems Naturally?

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Hair Loss is a common problem amongst men and women. Many people suffer from hair loss and consider this to be a part of their normal aging process. But for many others, this may not be natural. Hair Loss can be indicative of many underlying problems and disorders in the body.

Some people may start losing hair as early as in their 30’s and 40’s and more men are prone to losing their hair out early than women. Hair treatment for men options are very commonly seen in ads around us and the reason for this is that men suffer from many kinds of hair loss problems. Unfortunately, men also do not pay much attention to hair loss problems and consider this to be a normal part of growing older.

Hair Loss in Men

Men are more prone to having hair loss problems than women. This can be caused by several factors, not only physical but also mental. Certain disorders such as Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia affect men more than women. Some of the common reasons why men have more hair loss than women are mentioned below:

  • Men tend to have more stress than women
  • Men are more affected by hereditary hair loss than women
  • Male Hormones may cause hair loss towards their 40s
  • Underlying medical conditions can cause hair loss
  • Older men in their 50s and above have hair loss naturally

These are some of the causes of hair loss in men. In many cases, men are affected by Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia which does affect as many as 50% of men around the world and yet goes untreated. This condition can be easily treated when diagnosed early at the first symptoms with the use of simple drugs and hair regrowth measures.

Prevention of Hair Loss

Men can prevent hair loss completely in many cases. Unless it is hereditary or indicative of an underlying disorder, hair loss can be checked and prevented early on so that men can retain hair for longer. Even in cases where men are diagnosed with male pattern baldness or Alopecia, corrective measures can be taken so that hair growth can appear in patches where hair was once lost.

Below are some of the tips to prevent hair loss naturally in men:

1.   Tracking actual Hair Loss

One of the best methods to stay ahead of hair loss is by tracking how much hair is lost every day. When combing hair, when oiling hair, when washing hair, if there are more than 10 to 15 strands of hair that is lost at a time, it means that there is hair loss in the person to an extent

2.   Keep Scalp Healthy

A healthy scalp can help prevent hair loss. Keeping the scalp healthy by regular cleansing, oiling, shampooing, and conditioning with non-irritative cleansing agents can help in keeping the scalp and the hair healthy. It also promotes good hair and retains hair for longer periods of time.

3.   Consult Dermatologist

If beyond all these measures, there is still considerable hair loss, it is best to seek hair treatment for men, options that are now offered by dermatologists in hair clinics. An expert can help in understanding the cause of the hair loss and may suggest methods and treatment options that can help in growing back the hair and preventing further hair loss in men. Read more about naturally thin hair

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