How to Know when It’s Time to Quit Something

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re just dragging your feet going to work or meeting someone? Does your chest tighten when you think of making a call to a supposed friend? There are a lot of reasons you might feel this way. One of them might be telling you it’s time to move on and quit. 

Here’s how to know if that’s the case: 

Get in touch with your passion

find your passion

Are you working a job that doesn’t let you explore your creative freedom? Do you feel that every day has become just a repeat of the previous one? Does your job no longer spark joy and fulfillment? Granted, it is a source of income and it might not necessarily be fun, but if you feel stagnant, it’s time for a change. You can get this change through one of two things: asking for a promotion or switching careers. If you’re not learning anything new and challenging yourself in what you do, it’s definitely time to make a decision. 

Evaluate your friendships 


Are there people in your life that you simply can’t get enough of? Even if you don’t talk to them every day, every time you do, it feels like you’ve been talking forever. You never run out of topics to discuss with them, and the conversation flows smoothly. And then, there is the opposite: people in your life who drain the energy out of you. You respond to them out of sheer obligation–because they belong in the same friend group as you. If you have someone in mind when you’re reading this, it’s time to evaluate your friendship with that person. Are they nurturing your growth or are they holding you back? If you don’t feel any connection or similarity with them now, even if you used to, perhaps you’ve simply outgrown the relationship.  

Imagine your island


They say no man is an island, but what if you could be stuck on an island with only five of your closest friends, and with one item for each of them? Give yourself this little exercise as you’re preparing for bed, face toner for dry skin ready to get started on your nighttime routine. Who would you want to be stuck on an island with, and with which items? Everything else other than these can be removed from your life and you will still be happy. All the material things you think you need right now? They don’t matter as much as you think they do. The multitude of friends you think you’re close with? They might just be social media friends you barely even know, and therefore their opinions don’t matter. 

Life gets complicated the more elements and people you add to it. Yes, they make your life interesting, but at the same time, they might also be giving you stress. It’s not always easy quitting something, especially when you’re not sure that’s the right thing to do. To know if you’re making the right call, give yourself these tests and see who you really want to keep in your life. 

How to understand when it’s time to change your profession

It happens that people feel discomfort at the workplace, but they are firmly convinced that these are only temporary difficulties. But even if nothing changes over time, vacation and salary increases do not help, still not everyone comes to the conclusion that it is time to change jobs.

Many are afraid of change, and changing a profession is a 180-degree turn in life. Pay attention to five signs that may signal that it is time for you to think about changing your profession.

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You’ve lost your motivation to work

Previously, your eyes burned at work, and your heart beat an uneven rhythm with each new project and task. And now your colleagues have begun to annoy you, you feel apathy before a new work week, make a lot of mistakes at work and cannot focus on small things – it’s time to seriously think about changes.

Sometimes the problem may not be in the job, but in the manager. If he does not give you the opportunity to reach your full potential, you are not getting an obvious promotion – it’s time to look for another leader.

Your profession is losing relevance

Many professions are a thing of the past – they are being replaced by automatic machines. The most active robotization occurs in the field of customer support. Robots study data about a potential loan recipient, prepare documents and help users with technical support.

Researchers predict that in ten years, half of the existing professions will be automated. At the same time, new specialties will appear, because someone needs to set up new systems and work with artificial intelligence. This is a good motivation to give up an outdated profession and try yourself in a new business.

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