How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

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How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore city, is witnessing remarkable growth of construction for the last few years. Most people are looking for modish apartments, and this tendency is also increasing the demand for home interior designers in Bangalore.

After finishing the interior design of your house, you may feel the need for a renovation after 3 to 5 years, but your present financial condition may not allow you to do so. That’s why most interior designers suggest repainting the interior after an interval of 3 to 5 years.

It is the best way to give your home a new and refreshing look within your budget. Only a few cans of your favorite colors and a professional team can renovate your home completely.

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When should you paint your home?

A house contains different areas. Different areas need to be painted at different times. Some corners may need frequent repainting, while some other areas can be painted after long intervals.

Hallways, front doors, and stairwells

Hallways are the places that need to be painted frequently. They are likely to develop a lot of wear and tears. You can check out whether there are any fingerprints, scuff marks, or dents on your hallways or not. In most homes, corridors, front doors, and stairwells are the places where such marks are found commonly.

Some people wash the walls to get rid of these marks, but repainting is a better solution. It can give you relief for a long time. Moreover, your hallways will look like new ones. This simple task can amplify the beauty of your entire house.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Next, you need to consider the kitchen and bathroom. These two areas are considered the highest traffic areas next to the hallways, front doors, and stairwells. These busiest places need repainting most often. Sometimes stains, smoke, and greases are visible on the kitchen walls, while bathroom walls are often affected by moisture and humidity.

While repainting these areas, you should ensure that only the best quality water-based paints are being used. These paints can be easily wiped down even if your little one makes stains of food on the walls. Moreover, these paints can last long, even in a humid area. For best outcomes, you should paint your kitchen and bathroom every 3 to 4 years.


How often do your bedrooms need repainting? It depends entirely on the people who live in them. An adult’s bedroom does not need to be repainted frequently unless he/she wants to change to room décor within a pocket-friendly budget. But when it comes to children’s bedrooms, you may need to repaint the rooms every couple of years. As the children grow and change in the blink of your eyes, their preferences also keep changing. If blue is their least favorite color, it can shift to green or pink later on.

Moreover, your kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms; therefore, the chance of the paints getting faded quickly is higher. You can’t stop the kids from drawing on the walls, running sticky hands over the walls, or scuffing their shoes over the baseboards all the time. Therefore, you may need to paint your kids’ bedrooms every 1 to 2 years.

Other rooms

The living room, dining room, and spare room rarely need to be repainted. You can paint these rooms every 5 years considering their present condition.

Bottom line

Some people think that major renovations such as restructuring the walls and bathrooms and adding new appliances are mandatory to give the house a new look. If you have enough funds and time, you can go for such an option.

But if you want a cost-effective solution, painting can be your best bet. If you have just bought a new apartment and are working with home interior designers in Bangalore, you can ask them how often several parts of your home can be repainted. They will be able to assist you in the best possible way.

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