Some Things You Should Know About the Ragdoll Cat Breed

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Some Things You Should Know About the Ragdoll Cat Breed

The ragdoll cat is as unique as its name. Little wonder many feline lovers would not relent until they have at least one around. Their docile and friendly nature among other characteristics best explains why this is the case.

Speaking of the desire to have them, this breed is one of the most common. For instance, one source claims that only one cat breed outnumbers them in the United States. The numbers are also impressive in the United Kingdom, Europe at large, and many other parts of the world.

Well, we will shed more light here as some things you should know about Ragdoll cat breeds will be explained here. So, we advise every cat lover to follow through as we discuss very important things about this popular feline creature.

The Reason for the Name Ragdoll

You should always try to understand how feline creatures get their name. This is at least to satisfy your curiosity. Some get theirs as a result of their origin. The Maine Coon is a good example of such.

Well, the case is different here. Its name came as a result of its personality trait. It is called a ragdoll because of its puppy-like behavior. These feline creatures are attention seekers and lovely ones at that.

They like to hang around their owners and familiar faces and make the most of it. This is by cuddling and gaining physical intimacy. This does not mean they do not appreciate some me-time once in a while.

The fact that they are large-sized cats also contributed to the name. This is because the expectation of many is that a breed of such size will display a great degree of independence.

Well, this is not the case with these amazing feline creatures. They love companionship and this is why they are very tolerant and accommodating.

The History of Ragdolls

This breed is not an ancient one. You might even be surprised to know that it only came into the picture in the mid-1900s. Furthermore, it took a while before it became officially recognized by many feline associations.

But all these did not and have not stopped cat lovers from desiring to have them. This is why they are one of the most popular cats in many parts of the world. But how did they come to be?

The names Ann Baker and Josephine should never be forgotten when the subject of ragdoll history is brought up. The former was the breeder that dedicated so much to make sure this breed came into existence.

On the other hand, Josephine was the feline that displayed certain personality traits that made Ann Baker dedicate so much to coming up with this breed.

The story has it that Josephine was involved in an accident and was nursed by some people. As a feline breeder, Ann stressed that the accident must have had some genetic impact on Josephine. This is because of her belief that Josephine was displaying traits that were unusual for her breed.

So, she began breeding efforts to preserve and replicate those characteristics she now saw in Josephine. It is believed that domestic longhair cats were also involved in the breeding process.

A Big Size with a Big Heart

There are Emotional Support Cats and pets at large. They are raised for the sole purpose of providing emotional support to people in dire need of this.

People that are battling anxiety, depression, and things in this line can make the most of these cats and pets at large. Having established that, you should know that Ragdolls are one of the best options for such purposes.

This is because the heart they have is even larger than their size. This simply means that they are loyal and affectionate companions. They always look out for their owners and known people around them.

This amongst other reasons explains why cat lovers cannot get enough of them. The impressive level of intelligence also contributes. Some of them can do as much as take note of your emotions and play a huge part in making you feel better.

You Need to Return the Favor

We cannot overemphasize how loving ragdolls are. They are one of the best options for people that want all the affection they can get from a cat.

Well, you also need to return the favor. This is because they also desire that you shower them with affection and spend quality time with them. Not doing this can turn out bad.

This is why people that cannot do this are advised not to consider having them. You should even know that ragdolls are one of the most susceptible to separation anxiety.

This is a mental health complication caused by the feeling of loneliness. Such animals can become destructive and show other undesirable signs. Some of the undesirable signs could include an excessive form of self-grooming; excessive crying, meowing, and moaning; loss of appetite or eating in a hurry; and escape attempts.

These are just a few of the undesirable signs as there are more of them. To learn more about separation anxiety especially as regards cats, you can visit:

So, you need to return the favor by being as close to your ragdoll as possible. This is the best way to avoid separation anxiety.


Knowing about ragdolls is important for feline lovers as they are one of the most popular feline breeds in the world. To this end, this article has shed some light on them and we hope that you now know them better.

There is no doubt that these feline creatures are amazing for many reasons. However, they are attention seekers and it is important that they are granted the attention they need by their owners and people around them.

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