Machine for marking with lasers or etching with lasers

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The greatest marking instrument at your disposal is a laser marking machine, commonly referred to as a laser etching machine. On a variety of materials, it may permanently etch markings. Our laser marking provides quick, dependable, high-quality permanent marking. Even oils, fumes, emulsion, high temperatures, and other harsh operating situations cannot harm the markings left by these devices.

Compared to other marking techniques, the laser marking machine uses a non-contact procedure and has cheaper operating and consumable costs. Additionally, you may impose messages, codes, and other vital information like serial numbers on your items with the laser marker.

A reputable supplier of laser marking, etching, and engraving equipment is HeatSign. We concentrate on offering machine laser engraving solutions that will satisfy our clients’ demands as industry specialists. We also provide you with the most recent business news.

Why heating can provide you with the best laser marking devices is as follows:

  • We can provide a greater selection of laser marking machines, and we are confident you will discover a model and pricing that meet your marking requirements.
  • We export our laser pointer to more than 50 nations. We develop our laser marking systems for integration into the customer’s manufacturing line because the bulk of our business is conducted overseas, therefore we are familiar with how to provide services that meet high international standards. We assist our customers’ cut labor expenses and increasing productivity by automating marking.

It might be bewildering with so many different laser marker alternatives available for purchase. It might be difficult to choose the ideal laser marking instrument for your specific needs because there is equipment available for marking a variety of materials. The kind of material, the level of marking quality required, and the rate of marking are some crucial factors to take into account when choosing a laser marking instrument.

Based on various use cases, these are the most common laser engraving machines:

  1. Fibre Laser
  2. Nd: YAG laser
  3. Gallo CO2 laser
  4. UV excimer laser
  5. using lasers
  6. Laser made of fiber, 1.06 m wavelength
  • The most current advancement in laser marking technology that utilizes a low-maintenance solid-state laser source is our fiber laser marking equipment.
  • Among the current laser marking systems, these machines have proven to be quite popular due to their efficient cooling system.
  • There are no consumable materials needed, and maintenance is not a concern.
  • Our fiber laser marking equipment is extremely dependable, secure, and environmentally friendly.
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, certain polymers, and other metals may all be marked with these fiber laser marking devices.

Here are a few illustrations of our fiber laser marking and engraving equipment for metal marks.

  • The CO2 laser marking machine employs a stimulated carbon dioxide gas combination and is a wonderful option for a variety of sectors thanks to its high efficiency and good laser beam quality.
  • The majority of polymers and non-metallic items can be marked with them perfectly. Several different manmade and natural compounds may be labeled using CO2 lasers.

Materials that may be marked using CO2 lasers include: Materials including leather, stone, fabrics, rubber, acrylic, glass, paper, and plastics are also used.

UV Laser Marking (wavelength: 0.355 m) Unlike the first two kinds of laser marking equipment, UV lasers make use of ultraviolet light. The connections keeping the material surface together are broken by the UV laser light. A cold process, atomization causes no peripheral heating.

The high local heat produced by IR and other types of lasers, however, can melt or evaporate more delicate materials and seriously harm the environment. These tools are an excellent option for engraving lasers for fragile materials like plastics and thin latex since UV poses no damage to the strength or thermal integrity of the target materials. Therefore, you may quickly mark serial numbers on plastic objects using this laser equipment.

You may use UV laser systems to label semiconductors and polymers like PVC, ABS, and polypropylene, and they can operate at extremely high rates, which can help you decrease cycle times for your industrial activities. They may also be applied to certain metals, paper, ceramic chips, and other materials.

Would you want to learn more about UV marking lasers? If so, you can look through our product selection:

Applications for product traceability and identification are always needed in the industry. Using cutting-edge laser engraving devices, this might happen during manufacture or throughout the product’s life cycle under various operating circumstances.

How Laser Marking Works

A laser engraver produces legible markings by making the text and backdrop stand out visually. It accomplishes this by either altering the hue or the specular reflection. Beyond engraving, machine lasers are also capable of ablation (etching), annealing, color modification (carbonization/bleaching), and foaming.

Price of a Laser Marking Machine

Even though you could believe that marking machines are pricey. But these marking machines cost nothing compared to the quantity of work they can produce. The price of a laser marking machine can range from $1500 to $12000, depending on the equipment’s size, quality, power, and other characteristics.

As a result, selecting the equipment with the appropriate price for your activity may be challenging for you. However, you need not worry at all since HeatSign will help you through the process and force you to select the machine that best suits your requirements. All you have to do is get in touch with us through one of the many available channels, and we’ll walk you through the process.


For industrial applications, any of the available laser system technologies is a smart choice. The ideal choice will depend on the kind of material that requires marking, the required quality, and the rate of marking. Our goods are always changing to keep up with the industry. Our laser marking equipment is state-of-the-art. The laser source is constructed in modules. For engraving, these instruments offer exceptionally high standards of precision and quality.

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