Life Story of Norman ‘Norm’ Ebenstein

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Humans always look up to people, especially those that leave a mark on the world. These individuals leave behind a legacy not easily forgotten. They may accomplish good deeds, provide help to those who need it most, or be known as good people.


Norm Ebenstein is one of those individuals who others cannot easily forget. He was the founder of Capital Commercial Property and a real estate mogul.

Not only was Ebenstein a business expert, however. He was someone who cared deeply about his family and the community in which he lived. Ultimately, Norm Ebenstein wanted to make the world a better place.



Norm Ebenstein was born on October 23, 1928. His parents were Samuel and Jeanette Ebenstein, and his mother gave birth in New York City. They constantly reported that their son was full of life and happiness.


Soon after birth, the family moved to Worcester, Massachusetts. It was in this small town that Norm Ebenstein learned to appreciate the Jewish culture and heritage he had.


Ebenstein never let the anti-Semitism in the world around him get to him or his goals. He excelled in every educational opportunity that came his way.


Education and Young Adulthood

After graduating from Phillip Exeter, Norm Ebenstein enrolled at Brown University. He studied economics as an undergrad and moved on to law school for grad school at Boston University. After graduating, Ebenstein became a practicing lawyer, an endeavor and career he always loved.


While at Brown University, however, Ebenstein met his wife, Shirley, and played basketball. He knew how imperative it was to take care of his family and build the existing relationships, never once replacing them with work. Norm Ebenstein and his wife stayed married for 65 years and had two children and grandchildren.


Business Opportunities

Despite his love of family, Norm Ebenstein did remain a practicing lawyer until 1958. During this time, he was on the board for the Eden Center. This opportunity gave him a passion for the financial industry, leading him to open his real estate investment business, Capital Commercial Properties, in 1961.


Norm Ebenstein remained the president of Capital Commercial Properties for 50 years. He grew many successful properties up and down the east coast of America. He continued to help the Eden Center throughout this time with his business, a shopping area in the Falls Church area in Virginia.


Real Estate Success

As mentioned, when the president of Capital Commercial Properties, normanebenstein had tremendous real estate success. He lived in Boca Raton specifically and helped build the town into the blooming community you see now.


He invested in homes that he could make affordable for families in the Boca Raton area. He wanted to help those who desired a safe place to live in the city. The houses sat on the beach and came with pre-arranged landscaping. They provided a comfortable space for any family, allowing them to get a beautiful home at an affordable price.


Philanthropic Efforts

Helping families achieve affordable living situations was not the only good that Norm Ebenstein did for his community. He became a member of the Peace Corps Volunteer Force and remained active with the organization throughout his life. He took trips to India, helping to lead humanitarian efforts in the poorest areas.


Eventually, Ebenstein founded the Norman Ebenstein Foundation. He became the president of his local B’nai B’rith organization, a local Jewish nonprofit.


With B’nai B’rith, he helped provide crisis services to individuals in need in his community. He also helped promote safe housing for all and purposeful educational opportunities for every child.


The Future

Norm Ebenstein died on December 20, 2016, at 88 years old. His family speaks about the love he had for them and the community. They always want him remembered for the ways he gave back to everyone he met.


Douglas Ebenstein, his son, now leads the Norm Ebenstein Foundation and Capital Commercial Properties. Two of Ebenstein’s granddaughters, Lisa and Lori, work with the two organizations with Douglas too. They continue to develop many of the same successes that their father and grandfather achieved for over 50 years and still give back to the community.


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