Five Must-Have Pieces of Luxury Furniture for Your Interiors

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Australia is witnessing swift urban infrastructure developments, mainly fuelled by the rising demand from residential and non-residential sectors. It, combined with encouraging government policies and low-interest rates of mortgage, has made the environment ripe for the furniture industry to grow. Its market in the country is thus estimated to be worth USD 8.78 billion by 2025. While furnishing their apartments, people often experience the urge to fill them with stylish décor pieces. However, it’s always wise to invest in quality and well-made luxury furniture in australia that are highly detailed and available in styles like Hampton, Bohemian and European-influenced designs.

Here are some timeless and multipurpose décor pieces that you can invest in for creating truly artistic interiors.

Framed Art

Well-framed posters and wall art pieces can enliven any sparse space easily. For creating impressive interiors using them, a wise idea will be to build an art collection. Bold and expressive art pieces can transform the appearance of most basic living rooms. They make them look more expensive and sophisticated. Discover art pieces that are unique and original. You can try to coordinate some small pieces with one or two big statement ones.


An iconic chair that enriches both the value and personality of your living space can never get old.  Cover chair with elegant and stylish material that can transform any occasion. Today you can find exotic chairs as part of luxury furniture in australia built from hard-wearing materials like leather. When installed in any room, the whole design of such a chair instantly makes the environment more welcoming and cosier. The distinctive shape and style make it look more opulent.

Chest of Drawers

A simplistic yet elegant chest of drawers is a universally appealing furniture piece. They are an extremely versatile décor item that can serve numerous roles. You can use them as an entry hall table, a bedside table, or a place to house your television. Those that are petite can be easily transported from one place to another. They are even suitable to be kept in a bathroom. If you are searching for this item, look for classic yet substantial styling on them. Interesting details on the chest of drawers is what will set it apart from other décor pieces.

Teak Wood Table

There’s a reason behind the high price of teak wood. Along with durability, furniture items like tables made from it display a sheer elegance that’s hard to overlook. To add an earthy beach sophistication to your interiors, look for handcrafted pieces of tables with a sturdy teak top. The simple yet classy design of such décor items imbues any room with a tasteful touch.


It is a furniture item that most people tend to ignore. However, today, almost everyone requires a designated place that they can use to work on a laptop. A desk is again a very versatile item that you can use as a console table, entry table, bedside table, and even vanity table. When looking for a desk, choose one that has a good amount of storage areas. Also, pay attention to its construction. Solid construction will ensure that you get the most from it over time.

The right luxury furniture items can indeed impart your room with a sense of warmth and richness. They also impart a finishing touch to every room. You don’t have to bring home every one of the pieces described above. Consider your décor requirement and your personal style preferences. That’s how you adorn your space with impressive décor pieces.

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