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The past few decades have witnessed a significant shift in Pune’s population. Many youngsters move here in search of jobs, education, and an elevated lifestyle. It is an impeccable city with phenomenal weather and good quality of life. Apartments in Pune are accommodated by these bachelors who are looking for new spaces to settle down.


Apartments in Pune are affordable and possess the grace and persona of luxury buildings. However, they do not compromise on quality and proffer a safe living environment for their tenants.




Pune has always had a rich educational culture. Activists such as Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Savitri Bai Phule were the first people who advocated ongoing education. Bal Gangadhar Tilak pioneered the New English School. Subsequently, Savitri Bai Phule emphasized women’s rights and their requirement for education.


The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru referred to this educational fulcrum as the “Oxford and Cambridge of India.” Pune embodies thirty constituent and associated colleges and has won many hearts over time.




The upwelling educational circle remains to gravitate around peculiar names that have been around for eons. They are:



1) University of Pune


It came to light in 1948 and has made headlines since then. Experienced faculty coupled with a revered educational system, this college houses forty-six departments and seventy research institutions. They received numerous accolades and were recognized by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council for their quality education.


2) College of engineering


It emerged in 1884 and holds the title of being the third oldest engineering college in India. In times when people did not pay heed to education altogether, they were breaking new barriers. Also, the college has numerous affiliations with the University of Bombay and Pune. Their offerings are undergraduate degrees and diploma courses.


3) Deccan Education Society


Deccan education society has also been around for very long. Their existence was marked in 1884, where they assisted other universities in ensuring seamless functioning. As of today’s date, DES has increased to 43 universities within Maharashtra. Their names are Fergusson College, Mumbai BMCC, Sangli Kirti college and Pune Willingdon College.


4) Fergusson College


Another famous college was built around the same time Fergusson college came to being in 1885. It was the first private college established in India. They fostered departments in higher education, sophomore and postgraduate degrees. They excel in Arts and Science. However, there are numerous other courses as well.


5) Symbiosis International University


Symbiosis became known in 1971 and is a highly reputed college today. They foster seventy programs, including management, sciences, media & communication, design, law, MBA etc.


6) Armed Forces Medical College


AFMC is a defence college excelling at its medical education. They proffer sophomore and postgraduate courses. So if you study here, expect to learn more about treating, dentistry and paramedical subjects. Apart from focusing on teaching, they also adapt immersive techniques like research and mandating twenty-five females every year.


7) National defence academy


They were introduced by the Indian army, navy and airforce. NDA teaches their students the art of protecting one’s nation against militants.


8) ILS college


Indian law society was established in 1924 and is a go-to college for aspiring law students. It holds the seventh ranking in our country.



Nearly 5.5 million students migrate to Pune every year.

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