Points To Remember While Ordering A Cake Online

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Cakes are the scrumptious crumbling desserts that make us love our birthdays even more. The explosion of flavours and the creamy texture is something we all get excited about, maybe even more than presents. These days, a cake is also considered an excellent present choice and with the presence of so many online bakeries, the task is easier than ever.

You don’t have to leave your home or carry the cake to the venue, just put in the address and the cake will be delivered there in the perfect shape. But there are certain things that you must keep in mind while ordering a cake from an online bakery.


Always Check Reviews- First and foremost, the only bad thing about an online bakery is that you do not get the option to taste the flavour before ordering. So, you know nothing about the taste and texture of the cakes they bake. The most reliable way of knowing if they are worth your time and money or not is through reviews. Reviews and feedback are posted by consumers like you who have ordered from that specific bakery before. If you see mostly positive reviews, that means the bakery is definitely worth a shot. Also, try looking for reviews with images as they are more authentic.


Read About Them- It is a fact that practice makes an individual perfect, be it any task, repetition of it would definitely improve you. Hence, it is essential that you read about the bakery. How long have they been in business? How many customers have they served? How many deliveries are done? etc. These things will give you a clearer idea about the service and professionalism of the site. These things are mostly mentioned in the “About Us” section on their website or you can find the information on google.


Compare Prices- One huge benefit you get with online bakeries is that you get the freedom to compare the prices. You can not hop from one shop to another but with online bakeries, you can check as many sites as you want and decide which site is serving the best flavours and types of cakes at the best price. You can also compare other things such as delivery options, areas covered etc.


Freshness is Important- A freshly baked cake is the best tasting cake, we all know that. An old cake loses that melting, crumbling property we all love so much. Therefore,  Do not compromise on this essential point just because you are ordering online. Check if the bakery you are going for delivers freshly baked cakes or not. This is mostly mentioned on the website but look at other sources such as Google to get a better and clearer idea.


Get into It- Some online bakeries try to pass off old normal flavoured cakes with new creative names. So always make sure that you know what you’re buying to get your money’s worth. Always read the description, understand how the cakes are made and what is the flavour of it. You will get a better understanding of the product as a detailed summary is mostly mentioned in the descriptions. Don’t be lazy and land the best cake for your and your loved ones.


Cakes are one of the most important things of a celebration and if bought from the right online bakery, can make the experience even more amazing and satisfying. One such bakery is Bakingo bakery in Gurgaon your trusted online cake corner, where you will get a multitude of options, mouth-watering flavours, personalisation options and delightfully charming looking cakes at the most reasonable prices. Get online and explore your options right away!



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