Quilt and Comforter Covers: 4 Must-Know Benefits

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Quilt and Comforter Covers: 4 Must-Know Benefits

When you shop for home essentials, the bedding section is somewhere you’d spend some extra bucks to get that good night’s sleep. Mattresses, bed covers, pillows, and then comes some warm and comfy quilts on the list. Woollen quilts have exceptional temperature regulating benefits and, you’ll love to use them even during summers- woollen quilts are lightweight and breathable. However, when you buy quilts with expensive tags, care and maintenance is all you have to put in, making your investment worthwhile. On the flip side,  buying some quilt covers makes caring for your quilts so much easier. Undoubtedly, there isn’t much to talk about what a quilt cover is because they are simply like pillowcases- they keep your quilts clean and covered. Luckily, these covers come in different colours and styles, so you don’t have to compromise on your room’s aesthetics!

Benefits of buying quilt covers

Quilt cases aren’t bulky like your regular quilts, so they are pretty easier to handle and store. Precisely, they add to make quilts durable and last longer without linting due to overuse. But that isn’t all. Here are some perks of getting quilt cases,

  1. Quilts are now easier to clean

Though most people look out for lightweight quilts, they aren’t as light as linen covers. These covers can solely be folded and thrown into the washer. On the flip side, some quilts can be quite bulky and not fit into your washer. Sometimes they might even not be machine washable. In such cases, you cannot refrain from spending extra bucks on dry cleans. Adding to it, when you have multiple quilts for a single bed or more than one bed at home, the entire process becomes troublesome and pricey. However, quilt cases keep you away from stuffing quilts into the machine or spending extra money on regular dry cleans.

  1. They aren’t space-eating additives

Shopping for bedding essentials may seem exciting since you can change your bedroom’s look and feel by just switching to a different set of bed covers and quilts. However, most homemakers live with an annoying feeling of stacking them in cupboards and draws that are overflowing! But if this is one reason keeping you away from buying quilt cases, then it’s time to change your mind. Quilt cases come in versatile fabrics from linen to silk, are easy to store and do not eat up space.

  1. They are user-friendly

Not everyone can afford to have multiple quilts for a single bed. But what if it’s June in Australia, chilly outside and, your quilt has some huge food stain when you spilt some pasta sauce binge-watching? You’ll have to settle for some lightweight bedsheets. But quilt cases are affordable and, you can always have one in your spare. Luckily, they are easy to switch!

They can simply slip on the quilts. Most covers have closures like zips or buttons and, it hardly takes time to change them. Also, you can have some spare pink or red cases if you are in the mood for something new! You need not buy new, expensive quilts to change your bedroom’s style.

  1. You can compromise on quilts

Sometimes when shopping for quilts, you may not find the right colour, pattern and fabric, matching your room’s aesthetics in a single shot. And even if you do, you would have to go slightly off your budget. So, when you decide you’ll have quilt covers on, you can compromise on the looks of the quilt. You can pick solid colours with quilts and only bother about its quality. And when it comes to quilting cases, they are versatile- you can find almost every colour, pattern and the fabric you like!

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