Rocket League Best Tricks To Start Winning

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While the Super Bowl is there to monopolize our American friends in what they call “soccer”, we Europeans, who know that “soccer” means “foot” and not “hand”, continue to defend the true definition of the word. . But more than that, we represent our sport with fervor and intensity. And this even in one particular game: Rocket League. If you still do not know it, you should know that it is a soccer game in which you control cars equipped with propellers to kick a ball into the goal, challenging the opposing defenders.

It’s a bit like playing soccer while controlling a drone car that can jump and glide through the air. It’s so much fun, now it’s free, and most importantly, it brings together a ton of talented players to create a competitive and innovative scene accessible to everyone. But beware, newbie: don’t only want to buy Rocket League items to make up your car, mistakes in gameplay are often made that should be avoided. Don’t worry: we are here to help you.

This is NOT a Single Player Game

Ironically, the first piece of advice to follow is also the one that I would have liked to give to my children’s soccer teammates in the youngest category. Rocket League is, like classic football, a team game. Not all players will have the opportunity to score a goal, but they are all very important in your team. So don’t forget that going up to the goal to be hopelessly blocked by the opposing team is pointless if you could have made a pass to your teammate who was unmarked on the other side of the field. Be tactical – the scout you want to impress is not in the stands.

In Rocket League you have to communicate with your team. Invent strategies as you go and be prepared for anything. After all, there is no point hitting the crossbar if there is no one behind you to push the ball. So plan your shots in advance, always maintain communication with your team and synchronize everything you can: this is how you will win the game.

Defending is Art

Don’t be upset if you are the player furthest from the ball at the start of the game. Yes, traditionally, you have to step back a bit and watch the ball from a distance in order to defend an enemy first round. But don’t forget that defending is an art, especially in Rocket League: a good defender will always be more sought after in a team than a good attacker. And for a good defense, you have to calculate well the trajectory of the ball, the attackers that come towards you, and decide the perfect moment to go to the confrontation.

Beyond this already very cerebral aspect. To defend effectively in Rocket League it is better to arrive from the side of the goal than to stay in the center. The idea is quite simple to understand: if you come from the side, you can, on the one hand, get maximum momentum to make sure you hit the ball at the right time. It also has the advantage of having a position that allows you to widely observe the field of play and, therefore, the positions of the opponent. And finally, your teammates can easily replace you by following the same path as you to strengthen your defense to the maximum and make an insurmountable wall of all of you. Trust us: defense is the only true thing.

Practice your Movements

Scoring a goal is not really the crux of the matter in Rocket League. It’s about being the player who moves more efficiently. Not surprisingly, the name of the game is “Rocket League” and not “Football Cars”. And to maneuver correctly in the air, there is no secret: you have to train. In training mode, get familiar with the physics of the ball, but also of your car in the air.

Try to bounce the ball against a wall and pick it up exactly where you want. The most important thing is that you accompany the ball in the air and practice how to bounce it exactly where you want it to go. And if possible, practice also going to meet an aerial ball, which will save your offensive and defensive game.

In addition, all playing surfaces must be used. The arena in Rocket League is surrounded by crystals that you can roll on, so never forget it. By the way, you always need Rocket League credits to build up blueprints for cosmetic items. More experienced players are able to go from attack to defense and vice versa very quickly because they use both the floor and the ceiling to their advantage.

For example, the swing in your goal can allow you to go quickly against an opponent who crosses. Or jumping off the ceiling is sometimes faster than doing a half turn on the ground. A player who masters aerial movements to perfection and knows how to place his ball exactly where he wants it is an excellent player in Rocket League. And the only secret to achieving it is practice. Do not miss anything.

In this context, we recommend that you take a look at your controller settings. For example, the aerial left and right turn is not set as a default shortcut, but it is fundamental to the game. So it is better to dedicate two buttons to it. Similarly, checking the camera a bit to better establish the position of the ball, but also to have a broader view of the field, could be an advantage in the end. Try everything you need to play in the best conditions.

Vehicle Physics

One thing we don’t know at first is that Rocket League cars have their own physics. Hitting the ball with the bottom of your car will not have the same effect as hitting it with the rear or the hood. It’s not like you’re playing around with a scale model, and that’s where some of the subtleties apply.

Do you want to shoot hard straight? Then use the nose of the vehicle. That’s right: it’s one of the strongest parts of hitting the ball. So if you have a difficult goal to meet, you have to use it. The same applies to 50/50 when you meet an opponent: if you want the ball to fly over you without losing your advantage on the field, use your nose. Technically, the part that hits the most is the left or right corner of the front of the car. But this part is difficult to use correctly, so the nose is still his best asset.

If you keep all of this in mind, you will soon see progress. One last tip: don’t forget to play with your head. Sometimes not touching the ball is the best way to surprise those who only have that in mind.

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