Here Are The Best And Smartest Ways Of Starting Hydroponics In India

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So what do you think of the buzz going on about hydroponics in India? Hydroponic farming is undoubtedly successful in many nations, but not much in India. In this farming type, farmers have to use water-based solutions for delivering adequate nutrients to the plants using minimal soil and water. There are various pros and cons of doing hydroponic farming; the results vary from person to person.

Hydroponic farming is suitable for people having enough resources, living in urban cities, and money is not a problem. If you’re interested in hydroponic farming, there are various options available in the market. Like you have the freedom to choose and even customize your desired hydroponic systems.

So all the interested folks, here we’re mentioning the hydroponic systems you need to get started.

Water Culture System (Very Important)

Whether you call it a water culture system or lettuce raft system, this is one of the recent inventions in the hydroponic farming stream. This is a highly advanced system that is easy to install and undoubtedly helps you achieve your farming goals.

The lettuce raft systems come with numerous water reservoirs that are filled with water-based nutrients solutions. The Styrofoam platform is used for growing the plants. The major difference between the lettuce raft system and other hydroponic systems is how nutrients are delivered to your produces.

For using this system, you need to connect the water reservoirs and adjust the water flow. If you plan to grow the basic veggies, the water culture systems should be your ideal choice.

Installation of this system is super easy and inexpensive; professional assistance isn’t required.

The Wick System

The wick system is actually one of the basic hydroponic systems which is specially designed for amateurs. One disadvantage of using the wick system is you cannot think of re-installation and uninstallation again and again.

You can’t think of investing in ‘The Wick System’ when your farming goals require more water and soil. For example, if you want to grow veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber, the wick system isn’t the right choice. For growing herbs or medicinal herbs, you can prefer investing in the wick system. For installing the wick system, you just require 60 minutes and basic tools.

Aeroponic System

Aeroponic and hydroponic are always considered the same, but this is just a myth. Aeroponic is like the elder brother of hydroponic farming. When you’re installing the aeroponic system, your produces are exposed to both natural and artificial elements.

The aeroponic system develops the mist by using water and nutrient-rich solutions. In our opinion, aeroponic farming is beneficial than hydroponic farming. If you’re planning to do aeroponic farming, you need to invest in some basic equipment, but do your research and seek professional assistance.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you’re interested in doing hydroponics in India, you can follow the above-mentioned methods. Hydroponic farming is quite challenging, and beginners will struggle in the initial phase.

So how will you start hydroponic farming? Please share your ideas with our audience.

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