What is the syllabus for the CTET exam?

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What is the syllabus for the CTET exam?

When you make up your mind to take a test, make sure that you stay ready with everything. You should know the syllabus, the overall prep plan and even the pattern and everything. It is important that you ensure you have a proper understanding of everything.

Now, if you are wondering what the syllabus for the CTET exam is and how should you go about, this post is going to help you for sure.  Remember, whether it is your first attempt, or you are giving it for the second or third time; you should know about any or every chance made in the test pattern or otherwise.

Know about the CTET Exam Pattern 2022

Well, the CTET syllabus encompasses important topics from Paper 1 (Classes I to that of V) and Paper 2 (Class VI to that of VIII). Remember that this CTET Paper 1 syllabus own topics from Child Development & Pedagogy, that of Mathematics Language-I, Language-II, that of even Environmental Studies. While the CTET Paper 2 syllabus is made up of topics from Child Development and Pedagogy, Language-I, Language-II, even Mathematics and Science or that of even Social Studies. Since you have a good idea about what you would be seeing in both the papers, you need to find out the ways to manage everything.

Key points related to the CTET Exam Pattern

Below is an overview of the CTET Exam Paper 1 and that of even Paper 2 for the aspirants appearing in the exam.:

          CTET exam gets conducted in 2 Papers. Paper 1 for that of candidates interested in teaching classes 1-5 and even that of Paper 2 for candidates inclined towards teaching classes 6-8.

          Every single paper consists of 150 mocks.

          There shall be No Negative Marking.

          The difficulty degree for paper-I is the secondary type of stage, and the trouble level for Paper-II is that of the Senior Secondary Stage.

          Then you should have in mind that CTET Paper-I is possessing five sections: Mathematics, Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I & even that of II, and Environmental Science.

          CTET Paper-2 is possessing 4 sections: Child Development and even Pedagogy, Mathematics or even Science or Social Studies, Language I & II. Aspirants can select between Maths and Science and that of Social Studies.

Quick CTET Preparation Tips for your Paper 1 & 2

There are many tips and a few for you to get starts are:

          Aspirants must refer to NCERT Books of specifically Class one to five to know the precise syllabus. Being an aspirant, you must read the ‘Note for Teachers’ given at the start of each textbook. The point is it is something that can assist them in the child pedagogy zone.

          Applicants should be swift in solving questions related to comprehension and even that of prose. For this, you must understand the content and draw implications from it.

          Solve different types of CTET mock papersavailable at BYJU’s Exam Prep to get a proper idea about the type of questions that get asked in the exam. The point is simple, when you go through the different papers, you can be sur that you know what exactly you may encounter in the test. Indeed, it would be a great idea for sure.

          Solve different mathematical problems regularly. Though the syllabus is quite up to class 5, the challenging level may go up to even that of class 10. Thus, remember that formulae and work on your overall efficiency and accuracy.

          It is wise to practice CTET Previous year papers that help you with overall practice.


So, since you know the syllabus and what you can do to do well at CTET, go for it now.


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