The greatest puzzles on earth

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A vase hundreds of millions of years old that shouldn’t even exist. A gear from a time before the wheel was invented on earth. People around the world sighting stairs in the woods that lead to the sky, or getting abducted by aliens…

Eerie dizziness or unbelievable reality – what’s behind it? We simply don’t know. But if we have piqued your curiosity then let us indulge in some of these weird and unexplainable phenomena.

The essence of Metepec

In 2007, a creature on a Mexican farm was caught in a rat trap, which raises puzzles: The “essence of Metepec”, named after the place where it was found, looks like a mixture of lizard and human, with a large head circumference. The farmer drowned it out of fear – he supposedly had to push the screaming creature underwater for several hours before it stopped fidgeting.

A mutated animal? Several laboratories have examined samples of the being. Every living being on earth has its genetic information in its DNA – this is the only one where no researcher has been able to find one of these biomolecules.

Dr. Jesus Higuera, head of the Radiological Institute in Mexico City, wonders about the “unusual inner ear of the creature” that he discovered during a tomography. “It is more reminiscent of a human ear than that of an animal.”

Or maybe an alien baby? A pathologist from the Forensic Medicine Institute in Mexico City to BILD: “This being lived. I just don’t know what … “

The Atacama humanoid

The 13-centimeter small creature was discovered in 2003 in a Chilean ghost town in the Atacama Desert – its head is disproportionately large. The conclusion of the scientists is so far: It is not an alien, but a “mutated human”.

Mysterious: According to experts, the Atacama humanoid is said to have been six to eight years old. No other case of this type is known worldwide.

An alien-human hybrid, perhaps? Experts simply don’t know.

The WOW! Signal and UFOs

Tens of thousands of flying saucer reports are archived and posted on the Internet – many of them have a simple explanation. However, experts cannot always conclusively explain what people have seen and photographed in the sky – or what telescopes record in space.

The biggest mystery to this day is the “WOW!” The cause is still unclear – the signal never repeated itself. Did an alien civilization send a message? Or was it an inexplicable whim of space? Scientists suspect a cosmic origin as likely.

Crop circles

Crop circles have been the subject of discussion around the world for years: do they represent runways for aliens? Guide for extraterrestrial spacemen? Messages from space? 6000 crop circles have been documented worldwide.

People saw the first crop circles as early as the 16th century. They used to be ascribed to the devil, in legends there is talk of fairy rings. Today scientists are certain: The circles are man-made – admittedly an easy undertaking. Other theories are rejected.

Mysterious artifacts

In early 2013, a cogwheel corner was found in a lump of coal from a mine. The scary thing about it: It’s supposed to be 300 million years old! The scientists are also certain: the aluminum part (six identical teeth, seven centimeters long) was manufactured artificially, so it was not formed by nature by chance.

Not the only puzzling find: in 1851, a zinc vase was discovered when a mine was blown up in Dorchester (Massachusetts, USA) – it was also encased in coal. Estimated Age: Between 570 and 593 million years. And in 1912 an iron vessel was recovered in Oklahoma – it is said to be 312 million years old.

But where do these artifacts come from? Scientists have no conclusive explanations for some of the discoveries. Theories range from previous civilizations that lived on our planet to visits from space. There is no evidence of this.

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