Transform your Life and Ride a Superbike

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Transform your Life and Ride a Superbike

Whether you are a teenager who has just passed your driving test or a seasoned car driver, you must have thought about getting around on two wheels. Who hasn’t seen those slick superbikes on the UK roads? Summer is the time that riders uncover their mean machines and get ready for a few months of great riding weather and if you would like to join them, it isn’t a question of buying a big bike and setting off into the sunset.

One step at a time

There should be a law against an inexperienced rider climbing aboard a 1000cc superbike; (check out Honda bikes at Wheels Motorcycles) in fact, there is! – To ride a big bike, you need the Class A licence and that would take around 2 years to obtain. If you have zero riding experience and have a full car driving licence, you are allowed to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc and with a couple of theory and practical tests, you can acquire the Class A2 and then the A1 and finally the Class A that allows you to ride any bike.

Experience the power

If you were to be a pillion passenger on a Honda CBR 1000RR-R, then you would understand what all the fuss is about. Insanely fast acceleration and superb handling makes riding a sheer pleasure; yet one must always have respect for the power at your wrist, which might be over 100 horses! Here are a few good reasons to buy a vehicle from a dealership.

Riding tuition

If you are starting from scratch, book a half-day basic motorcycle riding course, which will teach you the basics of controlling the bike on a range of surfaces and with hands-on experience, you will acquire the riding skills and road sense that you need with a more powerful bike.

Rider safety

Riding any bike on the UK roads demands that you wear the right gear;

  • Good quality full-face helmet
  • Leather motorcycle jacket
  • Leather riding pants
  • Motorcycle boots & gloves

When human skin comes into contact with tarmac, it always loses and leather offers the best protection. It is quite an investment to kit yourself out for riding, but your gear will last a lifetime if looked after and it might just save your life! Click here for UK licence requirements.

Benefits of big bike touring

Once you experience the freedom of riding around the countryside, you will be hooked on touring and with campsites all over the country, you can experience the natural beauty of the British Isles. The cost of a 3-day long weekend tour around the west country, for example, would be very affordable and day trips are a breeze with a 4-cylinder 1000cc bike that loves the open road.

If you are ready to test ride the bike of your dreams, Google the nearest Honda dealer and make your booking online; there are lots of great deals to be had and low-cost finance spreads the cost over a few years.


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