Why should you use cycling shoes for riding your bike?

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Some people think that buying cycling-specific shoes is an unnecessary purchase. For them, cycling is the most accessible sport in which you have to hop on the bike and start pedalling. Do you also think so? If you haven’t opted for cycling yet, you might. But ask a professional cyclist. Both apparel and cycling shoes are essential cycling gears that are specifically designed to create a better cycling experience for you.

You might feel comfortable riding your bicycle with your regular jogging shoes, flip-flops, or sandals, but it is not recommended. Moreover, it can be risky as the sole footwear are not designed for cycling purpose and can slip from the pedals resulting in a crash. On the other hand, these are paired with compatible pedals which hold your feet securely on your bike. If you are an occasional cyclist or willing to take your cycling hobby to the next level, the right kind of shoes will help you protect your feet and provide you with a more comfortable experience. Continue reading and find out the top 5 benefits of wearing cycling-specific shoes.

Benefits of cycling shoes

#1 Transfer of energy

As compared to your regular sports shoes, their cycling counterparts have much stiffer soles. This means the energy generated by your leg muscles to push the pedals down will be utilized more efficiently, unlike the other regular shoes in which cushions of the sole absorb the energy. Thus, it will be easier for the rider to pedal.

#2 Clipping advantage

One of the most significant advantages of shoes is their clipping feature. When your foot is clipped to the pedal, it increases your stability and reduces your effort to keep your feet in place. Further, this enhances your pedalling efficiency and makes your stroke smoother.

#3 Added comfort

Though these shoes come with stiff soles, their upper part is breathable materials. They have well-designed vents that allow air circulation in the shoes, making up for a more comfortable experience while you ride. Plus, toe cushions and arch protection are provided in these shoes to ensure your feet stay snug inside.

#4 More durable and Multi-purpose use

These are designed to be used for heavy and hard riding. For this reason, they are made up of durable materials that allow them to resist outdoor weather conditions. Whether you are an occasional rider or a professional cyclist, or even if you want to use them for your indoor gym equipment, you can use them efficiently; they are multi-purpose shoes.

How to buy cycling shoes?

After knowing the benefits of cycling-specific shoes, next comes how you will buy the right shoes for yourself. So here’s the answer!

Road cycling shoes

If you want maximum pedalling efficiency, road cycling shoes would be the best choice for you. These shoes have the stiffest soles and use three-holes protruding cleats that connect them with the clipless pedals.

Mountain bike shoes

Do you often ride your bike on rugged trails? If so, go for the mountain bike shoes. These bike shoes are designed for mountain bikers and have grippy soles for added traction mountaineer trails.

Casual bike shoes

Casual bike shoes may look like your sneakers, but they are not the same. These are a fantastic option for you if you are a recreational rider or commuter looking for some of the features of cycling shoes (like stiff soles).

The last piece of advice for you is to consider the type of shoes you want and choose a pair that fits you properly. Your shoes should be comfortable and support your heel effectively.

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