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With the emergence of the dangerous coronavirus came tough economic times that have seen many Australian businesses close down while the remaining ones do everything they can to stay afloat. Australian businesses of all types, from retailers, restaurants, cafes, gyms, salons, hotels, spas to tradespeople, have been hit hard by the pandemic. 

During these tough economic times, the least you can do is support an Australian business to enable their survival as people continue to get covid 19 vaccinations. From little things such as buying an Australian mosquito repellent to giving a small business a shout-out on social media. While both home and abroad, there are some things you can do to help Australian businesses stay afloat during these tough economic times.

Buy Australian-made products.

Using your purchasing power is a great place to start. The easiest way to support an Australian business is to purchase Australian-made products, evident from the packaging. Choosing an Australian product uplifts the business owner and boosts the Australian economy whenever you are shopping. You can look out for the Australian-made or Australian grown logo, a registered trademark for many Australian products. 

Take your time to learn more about Australian products from the websites and online resources and how they benefit the economy. Locally made products boost the local economy and create local employment opportunities. They also contribute to the growth of the national revenue through taxes.

Support them through social media

Another easy way to support Australian businesses is through the use of social media. Whenever you buy an Australian product, take some time to give the seller a shout-out on your social media pages and write an online recommendation of the product. That encourages other consumers to buy the product to get the same experience. 

Also, take part in reviewing the product on the websites and other platforms. More than 80% of shoppers rely on online customer reviews and feedback when deciding whether to purchase an item or not. Support local Australian businesses through social media and encourage others to buy the products.

Invest in Australian businesses

An excellent way to support Australian companies is to invest in them. There are various ways you can do this, not limited to publically traded companies only. You can buy shares in listed companies if you believe in their products, leadership, and success. for unlisted companies, you can invest in them by using their products and services.

Use Australian B2B services.

Although there are various benefits of outsourcing B2B services overseas, there are more reasons to consider sourcing B2B services locally or considering local manufacturers. Ideally, the far you are from the production, the more challenging the communication. With local manufacturing, it is easy to monitor quality control since you can visit the manufacturer anytime.

By choosing a local manufacturer, you understand your rights and protection laws, so there won’t be any generic knocks off of your products making rounds. Using Australian B2B services is also cheaper, especially in production, which is advantageous for your business.

The final words

Supporting Australian businesses encourages local growth and strengthens the economy, which is beneficial during the current economic times.


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