If It Is Valuable – Then White Glove Logistics Is The Solution.

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 If It Is Valuable – Then White Glove Logistics Is The Solution.

When you are trying to move items that are not expensive from one place to another, then it is reasonable to use the guy with a van who will load your items into his vehicle and he will get them to their final destination at some point or another. There is no greater urgency and so someone like this is perfect for the job. There isn’t a lot that he needs to know apart from how to pick something up, put it in the van and then take it back out again and get it to the final destination. However, if you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or seller of expensive pieces of equipment then this is not the guy for you. You need a specialised logistics company that has the right kind of transport, the necessary lifting equipment and the know-how when it comes to properly transporting expensive items.


If you’re not sure where to start, then contact TecDis because these guys specialise in moving sensitive and expensive equipment from A to B and back again if necessary. As the sender of the item, you cannot afford for anything to get damaged or lost in transit and it is essential that it gets to its final destination all in one piece. All of the above is called white glove logistics and here are some of the reasons why your business should be using it.


  1. Unsurpassed customer care – Customer care is the name of the game and the one thing that can help to separate you from your nearest competitors. It is the cornerstone of any business and the sale doesn’t end when the customer hands over the cash. The sale only ends when the item order arrives at its destination free from breakage and installed if necessary. Many logistic companies will deliver the item but they won’t install it, and they certainly won’t take any old equipment and packaging away for recycling electrical equipment. White glove logistics providers do all of this and more.


  1. Nothing broken & nothing sent back – This is what every business owner wants to hear and they want to know that the item that they have just sold has arrived at its destination in one piece. They cannot afford to be making claims with their insurance companies because this will drive their premiums up and it may no longer be cost effective to offer a delivery is part of their service. This will be an impossible situation to find your business in and customers will just take their business elsewhere if you cannot deliver. This is especially important when you’re looking at specially calibrated equipment that is expensive and needs to be moved and set down in a particular way. To learn more about what to expect when using logistics, please have a look here.


Some specialist pieces of equipment need refrigeration as well or to be kept at a specific temperature. These white glove logistics providers possess the necessary transport and equipment in order to be able to do all of this. It seems logical then, that if your business needs a specialist type of delivery, then you use white glove logistics.



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