Why are Natural Numbers So Important in the Modern-Day World?

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Why are Natural Numbers So Important in the Modern-Day World?

Natural numbers are the part of the number system that will include all the positive Integers from one to infinity and they can also be utilised for the counting purpose. Natural numbers are a part of real numbers and will only include the positive numbers excluding the fractions, decimals, negative numbers and the number zero.

Natural numbers are always represented by the letter N and these numbers are very much countable because they can perfectly be used for calculation purposes. Natural numbers will also include all the whole numbers excluding the number zero and in other words, one can also say that natural numbers are the whole numbers but all whole numbers are not natural numbers. Being clear about the basic difference between the natural number and whole numbers is very much important for the kids so that they never make any kind of mistake in terms of solving different questions.

Zero is not considered to be a natural number because natural numbers always start with one and go till infinity because they will all be positive integers. Every natural number is a whole number and this particular statement is very much true because of the inclusion of positivity cheers in the category of natural numbers.

Representation of the natural numbers on a number line is also very much important to be learnt by the kids because all the interiors on the right-hand side of the zero will be representing the natural numbers on the number line and it will also help in forming the infinite set of numbers. When zero will be included these numbers will become the whole numbers which are also considered to be the infinite set of numbers.

Following are the properties of the natural numbers:

  1. The closure property: Natural numbers are always closed under the addition and multiplication and addition, as well as multiplication of two or more natural numbers, will always result in a natural number. On the other hand in the cases of subtraction and division natural numbers will never be any kind of closure property because the result might not be a natural number.
  2. Associative property: This particular property will always hold in the case of multiplication and addition of natural numbers. On the other hand subtraction and division of natural numbers, the associative property will never hold.
  3. Commutative property: Addition and multiplication of the natural numbers will help in justification of the commutative property but suppression and division of the natural numbers will not show the competitive property.
  4. Distributive property: Multiplication of the natural numbers will always be distributed over the addition and multiplication of the natural numbers will also be distributed over the subtraction.

The kids also need to be clear about different kinds of operations to be performed with the natural numbers apart from all the above-mentioned properties so that they can solve the questions very easily and never face any kind of hassle in the whole process. The kids need to be clear about the basic concepts of natural numbers and whole numbers along with basic differences between both of them so that they never make any kind of wrong decision in the entire process. Apart from this being clear about real numbers is very much important because this will also play a very important role in the world of mathematics and will be directly linked with making different kinds of decisions at the later stages of life as well.

Hence, registering the kids on platforms like Cuemath is the basic and best decision that the parents can make so that kids have a good command over the entire process and never faced any kind of problem at the time of solving the questions. Being clear about the properties of real numbers and natural numbers is very much important so that perfect operations are implemented and accurate decisions are made by kids.

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