4 Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

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During the summertime, you want to stay as healthy as possible so you can look and feel your best. A little extra effort to embrace some healthy habits will enable you to power through all the fun stuff you want to do over the summer while also helping you support your long-term wellbeing. Here are some simple and sound ways to manage your health over the summer.

1. Wear Sunscreen

Almost everyone likes to get a little color from the sun during the summertime, especially when they’re heading off to beach destination vacations. When you’re getting ready to get some rays, be sure to wear sunscreen all the time and without fail. Sunscreen doesn’t prevent you from tanning. Instead, it simply helps to block out UV rays that can cause acute sunburn. Few things spoil a beach vacation worse than getting red and sore within the first couple of days. Moreover, overexposure to the sun can exacerbate premature signs of aging. It also increases your risk of developing certain types of skin cancer.


If you’ll be spending all day outdoors, wear sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater. Also, don’t forget about your lips. The delicate and sensitive outer surface of your lips is particularly prone to sun damage, so you should also pick up a lip balm that has UV protection. Finally, you should try to limit your time in the sun. If you’re hanging out at the beach, try to spend a good amount of your time there under an umbrella. In addition to protecting you from the sun, an umbrella will make you feel a lot cooler and comfortable. If you’re enjoying some time at a park, look for a shady area where you can take some refuge instead of sitting in the sun for hours on end.

2. Get Great Sunglasses

Just like your skin, your eyes can sustain serious long-term damage from the sun. You may also be surprised to learn that it’s possible to sunburn your eyes. An eye sunburn can cause people to experience intense discomfort and irritation that can last for days. Looking at any light may cause the sensation of pain to worsen.


Even if you don’t feel like it’s so bright out that you need to wear sunglasses to be comfortable, you should wear them to take care of your ocular health. You’ll reduce your risk of eye cancer and macular degeneration caused by overexposure. Consider picking up a pair of polarized sunglasses. They enhance color by reducing glare, so sunglasses will make the scenery outside seem more vibrant rather than toned down.

3. Support Your Eyes With a Supplement

Another excellent way to maintain your vision and ocular health is by taking a supplement. Look for an eye health supplement that’s formulated to provide key vitamins and nutrients that may not be commonly included in most people’s regular diet.


A supplement containing lutein can help with cellular function and support structural integrity. Proteins and nutrients that have antioxidants can combat damage from years of sun exposure. Although supplements can’t reverse damage, they can help to maintain health. Some people may also find that they’re helpful in addressing the strain or fatigue that they experience after spending extended periods of time looking at the blue light emitted by screens.

4. Indulge With Care

Summertime festivities and get-togethers may encourage you to consume a little more alcohol than you usually do. However, you should be careful to drink in moderation. You’d like to avoid the immediate effects of overindulgence such as an upset stomach or a hangover. Also, you want to avoid some of the slightly more long-term implications of drinking too much such as weight gain or even potential damage to vital organs.


Of course, you don’t necessarily have to refrain from drinking altogether. Simply try to set some reasonable boundaries and stick to them.


When you’re trying to have some fun and forget your worries during the summer, don’t forget about your health. Take some easy steps to have a safe and healthy summer.

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